Vila N / SYAA


Architects: SYAA, arch. Adrian Soare
Location: Bucharest,
Collaborators: arch. Cristian Borcan, arch. Stefan Aldea
Structure: INGENIUM CONSTRUCT, ing. Mihai Radut
Installations: ALYATES DESIGN, eng. Florentina Radu, eng. Mirela Neculai, eng. Ecaterina Dura
Constructor: VLAD GROUP
Project Area: 600 sqm
Project year: 2006-2008
Photographs: arch. Andrei Margulescu

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Vila “N” occupies a plot of 350 sqm (aprox 12x30m) in a central but de-structured area of Bucharest.

The building retreats from the street to make place for an entrance courtyard and the underground parking. The small hill covering the garage dominates this courtyard and becomes in the same time landscape and garden.

section 01
section 01


The cubic shape of the building has two blind walls and two sober facades that protect a loggia, an exterior terrace and the richness of the interior space developed around the central atrium.


Stairs and bridges border this core and create the opportunity for various horizontal and vertical visual relations. There exists a “public” route leading to the office room on the ground floor and a “private” route linking the living room with the rooms upstairs, without intersecting each other. The light is captured in this atrium as in a kaleidoscope giving life to the house and an always different mix of light, shade and colour.

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  • Oliver

    wow … absolute beautiful house with clean design and rooms with good structure. like it very much.

  • Nardev

    rafael moneo, murcia

    • Alex Poliac

      This is a good example of architecture from Romania, certainly above the general standards of architecture and construction form this country

      @Nardev : It’s so wrong, quoting one of the masters of contemporary architects?…anyway, I apreciate your ability to discovers this sort of conection, it’s shows a strong architectural knowledge.

      • Nardev

        i´m not the one who quoted the master…i just noticed the superficiality of it. even i myself often fall into temptation of copying the work of others that i admire…that´s normal..but what really bothers me is seeing someone extually do it

        the resemblance is so obvious that you can´t even say that it˝s been just an inspiration. even some od the shots are stolen.

        here are the pics of the murcia, so everyone can judge for themselfs:


    • Ill

      Does it matter, Nardev?

      • Nardev

        when judging the quality of the design, of course it does…
        when judging the quality of the space, probably not.
        i uderstand the latter is what really counts when it comes to living…but buildings that are being published and praised should deliver the whole package

  • Ill

    Zi-le tati!!!! Finally a building from Romania :)

  • Daniel Tellman

    Nice one !

    I saw them last year in Timisoara presenting their ofice and was nicely impressed!

    @III – The Timisoara based Parasite Studio did also present their work on ArchDaily. So this is the second proiect from Romania ;-)

  • oscar falcón lara

    Oh my, this project is great… the hill/garage tunnel is a neat detail. I don’t find it a bad thing to borrow from great designs, this house is quite a feast, and I am not over reacting, it’s minimal sure, but is a very pretty way.

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  • Pedropt

    Well done, Romania! Very interesting proposal, great street integration, nice and clean detailing, simple but intriguing façade.
    @Nardev – travel more and read less architecture magazines

  • The marine biologist

    Moneo + Siza = LOVE
    Standard rogue taxidermy

  • ygogolak

    Going to be fun mowing the grass on that mound.

  • Rupesh Jamkhindikar

    This took me back to college days….especially the sections….seen something as simplistic after a long time…

  • Goldschmidt R

    Hmm, I really don’t think like those line are stolen, they are loke almost the same. But how you say in romanian “Aceeasi Marie, dar cu alta palarie” (The same Mary, but different hat”. So really don’t think that using the same material or almoste the same lines is calling stealing.
    (And I’m not a patriot, but this is my opinion)

  • Andrei Margulescu

    By lack of someones attention, instead of the final good photographs of this house were posted all the raw images that contain a series of flaws due to the camera and lenses. Therefore, I would ask the publisher and the architects to demand and use the final provided images in order to fully express the value of this project. I do invite all of you to see some of them on my portfolio website:, images from 52 to 56. Kindest regards.

  • Andrei Margulescu

    And, for all who want to see more of the Romanian contemporary architecture, it is my pleasure to invite them to explore the link:, and to re-visit it during the next month as it will be updated with 2009 Romanian projects. All the best.

  • salvadore

    HA HA. Im Romanian and im proud to see this. It also looks a little bit like like raphael moneos murica building but it also looks like some sort of latin architecture, if that could be the right term. and u dont have to be a genius to see it looks like moneos archtecture. It looks alot like many big architects architecture but that is because it is about good architecture! I really love it! Peace!

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