Airstream House / TANK Architectes


Architects: TANK Architectes / Olivier Camus & Lydéric Veauvy
Location: Bersee,
Site area:5,000 sqm
Constructed area:280 sqm
Budget:$332,750 Euro
Project year:2007
Photographs: Luc Boegly


This project is located on a narrow and sloping plot, on the edge of a village. The way the house had to be laid out wasn’t an easy staff since the regulations and neighborhood limits were restricting… to avoid a very long and narrow house, the project is splited in three parts, on semi levels using the natural slope.



The first part is on the same level as the road and includes the main hall, the laundry, the play-room, the garage, the cellar and the geothermal energy local.

The second one is 80cm above the slot with large views on the outstanding landscape all around, in north, est and west directions. It comprises the living spaces : living room, kitchen and dining room.



The third one is on top of the first part and offers rooms and bathrooms.

This process answers to the very initial demand of the clients who wished a one-level-house. The 3 parts of the house meet in a suspended patio which distributes the different spaces, creates multiple relations between them and articulates one to another. The patio is the central knot between the living spaces, the main hall and the rooms.

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  • pathos

    There is something shoddy and unrefined about this house. It seems awkwardly arranged not carefully sited or integrated. The all white interior lacks imagination and the bathroom is really bad. Still, there is something intriuging about it. The spatial arrangement is just complex enough to be interesting. I like the large expanses of glazing and the way the spaces are lit. The living roof is a nice touch.

  • DA

    what the hell are those people doing in the photos?!

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  • rw

    nice house but is the cantilever failing on one side?

  • Andrew Geber

    real nice

  • oscar falcón lara

    THe exterior finish is very interesting, I wonder how it would look though, with something else, same project different finish. I like it, just wondering about some design choices made, but great nonetheless.

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  • chemixaL_Struct.Eng

    The house looks nice, but the deflection of the cantilever is realllllly bad… The cantilever itself is relatively small, shame on the engineers.

  • JitM

    Concept — v. good.
    plan — good (except the cantilever).
    finishing and look (interior) — unimaginative/ bare/ drab.
    finishing and look (exterior) — mediocre (maybe they did not want a very snazzy and hip look down there in the countryside).

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