Impressive Storm Sewer System / Saitama, Japan

To avoid floodings on typhoon season, the city of Saitama in features an impressive storm sewer system. Its construction started in 1992, and its composed by giant silos (65m tall, 32m wide) connected by 6.4km of underground tunnels 50m below the surface. It also has a giant tank: 25.4m tall, 177m long and 78 wide, with 59 columns.

This impressive structure is opened for tourists. More pictures  and videos below. Be sure to check out the truck being lifted through the sewer!.

Official website here. Seen at Plataforma Urbana.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


Cite: Basulto, David. "Impressive Storm Sewer System / Saitama, Japan" 07 Jul 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <>


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    A pity this place can’t be used as an event hall or something… can oyu imagine? That’d be great

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    Wow! That’s cool!

    My hometown of Kristianstad, Skåne (Europe) could use something similiar, as it is situated two-three metres below sea level. Though, there is no foundation below the city to build in. Just pure mud. It’s a wonder they managed to build the city once upon a time. At that time they built the city pretty much on two giant rafts, floating in the middle of a swamp, centuries ago. Damn stupid location.

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    It actually reminds me of the first resident evil movie the ‘train station’ to the ‘Hive’ which was a real underground train station in europe somewhere i believe

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    This reminds me more of mirror’s edge… most likely because there’s a level based off of these :P

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