Pakistan Pavillion for Shanghai World Expo

15241The will be a replica of the Lahorte Fort, an iconic symbol of the city of Lahorte. The fort dates back to the year 1025 AD and is the cultural capital of modern-day .

The 2,000 square meter pavillion is themed “harmony in diversity”, and will show various aspects of the best of Pakistan’s cities, merged into one showcase of tradition, culture, modernity and history.

In the pavilion, visitors will be able to experience the life of a typical Pakistani citizen through detailed visual and multimedia presentations. More images, after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Pakistan Pavillion for Shanghai World Expo" 21 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 16 Sep 2014. <>


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    questionable how this comes together with facts of contemporary architecture… guess it’s just a kind of patriotic sign for political power.

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    Looks like one of those jumping castles. EXPO is nothing more than an amusement park pretending to be serious so it fits perfectly.

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    Really, why do we spend so much money on these follies. This expo really proves that the idea is outdated. Maybe next time we should just get each country to submit their CG file for a digital expo and put the saved cash to better use.

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    That’s hilarious! Isn’t it just wonderful to be reminded once in a while that the world still holds cultural differences and that we’re not all into the same ultra-modern japo-scandic minimalism? Bless’em for their literal & proudly patriotic approach. I wonder what the internal space will be like, maybe visitors will be strafed from the walls on arrival, it is a fort afterall !!!

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    Pakistan was not like that from 1947 to 1971 as we were with them. But after 1971, when we became independent they’ve been acting….like….
    The country should officially declare apology, as it committed one of the most dreadful,shocking,unkind genocide in the history of mankind by killing 3 million people of Bangladesh during the Liberation War in 1971.
    I can’t expect anything better than this(Pakistan pavilion)from them.

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    dear naim ahmed kibria, nobody moking from this building, i can say better. i need only 15 minutes to sketch something more interesting like that.ukranian joung architects can propose pakistan government free one thousand ideas to do it better.

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      Vladimir, I only wish Pakistani Government realizes what they did to us in 1971 and ask for forgiveness. I believe Pakistan has thousands of Architects who can design thousand times better than this.

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        Naim I really am sorry for what happened to those 3 million souls, but i really do think that bangladesh brought this upon them selves and pakistan has no need to apologize.
        V pakistanis have no need to apologize to u.

        That said, i think this is JUST NOT the forum to discuss these issue.

        and vladimir,

        this is not job of any architect in pakistan.
        This must have been done by our civil works dept. and accepted by some bearuecrat in isloo with a bad sense of aesthetics.
        Trust me we have a lot of good architects.

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