Marrom House / Isay Weinfeld

© Leonardo Finotti

Architect: Isay Weinfeld
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Built area: 635sqm
Year: 2004
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti

© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti

This is a 4-level house built for a family of 4 – a couple and 2 teenage kids. Very informal people, they wanted a warm, comfortable house where they could all host friends and have fun together.

© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti

From the street a few steps up, one enters the house on ground level. Wide living areas – sitting, dining and TV rooms – were designed all in succession and open onto the garden, the patio and even the pool so as to allow for full integration between spaces, and interaction between guests.

© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti

Privacy is yet possible to get in this house, as large doors may slide out from recesses in the walls and separate rooms as necessary.

© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti

Family bedrooms and a private sitting room were placed on the first floor, while roof top was turned into a large terrace for overview of the surroundings.

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  • Jubair Siddeeque

    Very much like Marcio Kogan. Still very Brazilian and beautiful

    • carolina

      probably because they’ve worked together for many years…

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  • oscar falcón lara

    Awesome house. Love every aspect and detail of it, specially the large opening to the lower terrace.

  • JP

    Isay! Isay! the best brazilian architect in activit.

  • amonle

    one word – brilliant!

  • Karen

    I agree with everybody!!!
    This is simply amazing!
    And by the way Jubair, Kogan and Weinfeld have worked together in some projects, maybe that’s why you say it is similar.

    • jubair siddeeque

      i knew it only after i saw this work. Thanks Karen

  • daniel

    nice house but with some strange features : main entry is problematic , a visitor invades privte space , immediately enters the living room and has to use the sliding window . on the upper floor one has to walk about 15 meters from the master bedroom to the nearest toilet. but overall very nice layout .

  • Felipe

    Dear Daniel,
    if you pay attention on the Ground Floor Plan, you’ll notice a regular opening door inside the first sliding door (window), so, when a visitor invades the private space he does not has to use all the sliding doors to enter the living room, he can simply use the regular one.

  • daniel

    Dear Filipe,
    i have payed close attention to the drawing. i have noticed the regular integrated door . i was not talking about the technical aspect but to the fact that the entrance is to direct . there is no private entrance hall. you enter the living room directly . that might be fine with the clients . there isn’t one “correct” way to design. thank you for your respons

  • Felipe Góes

    Very nice house. I liked the relation between the building and the pool and the mechanism of wooden windows. Great photos of Leonardo Finotti too.

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