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OFF Architecture , along with Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture and Jean de Giacinto, has completed the design for the reconstruction of in Revin, France.   The new college is perfectly integrated into the existing site conditions, creating a dynamic educational facility.  The new building seeks to become a part of the terrain as the form follows the protruding and receding nature of the undulating hills.  The form creates a ripple-like effect across the site and provides a sense of movement to the surrounding region.  When the college  is completed in 2012, users will find themselves benefiting from the natural qualities of their immediate environment and enjoying a learning environment unlike any other.

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Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Lycee Jean Moulin / OFF Architecture" 16 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>

    Wish my high school looked like that…

  • Ala

    Wish the roofs were done as outdoor walkways,like a zig-zag ramp.

    Maybe the architects didn’t want to make them that way since we have seen quite often ramp-like building along a hill on the web. Not wanting to look like a copycat may be the reason.

    But still, the roofs are so tantalizing. I think they could be done somehow walkable even if they are not a zigzag ramp.

    • T.Nowicki

      maybe becouse the walkable green roof requires more money and care than just “green roof”

  • Emerson Gámez B.


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  • oscar falcón lara

    Wow, very cool. Incredible how the whole thing just seems to be there, like a bush or a lichen on a rock, I concord with CMO ARCH, I wish my high school was like that (it wasn’t).
    Regardless of site conditions, more projects like this would be a very good idea. It’s neat. Judging from the interior hall perspective, the walk up to a classroom seems like a journey in itself.

  • Bamboo skys

    soft step building.- Anti object look nice.

  • yuyun90


  • Fran

    All those stairs may well fight against youth overweight…!
    Well done!
    French girls will stil have good lookink bottom

    Chapeau !!!

  • Vitsee

    its a shame you cannot use the roofs

  • that’s what she

    a lot of green roofs?…
    that’s not “perfectly integrated into the existing site conditions”,
    but still a nice project

  • ygogolak

    Very nice project. Similar in nature to Eisenman’s City of Culture:

  • Shah

    Its really cool .its better have to figght pollution

  • Al

    wonderful moon house covering land

  • zoute

    The associate name is “Jean de Giacinto” (NOT Jeans Giacinto)

    • Nico Saieh

      Thanks zoute!

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