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OFF Architecture , along with Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture and Jean de Giacinto, has completed the design for the reconstruction of in Revin, .   The new college is perfectly integrated into the existing site conditions, creating a dynamic educational facility.  The new building seeks to become a part of the terrain as the form follows the protruding and receding nature of the undulating hills.  The form creates a ripple-like effect across the site and provides a sense of movement to the surrounding region.  When the college  is completed in 2012, users will find themselves benefiting from the natural qualities of their immediate environment and enjoying a learning environment unlike any other.

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    Wish the roofs were done as outdoor walkways,like a zig-zag ramp.

    Maybe the architects didn’t want to make them that way since we have seen quite often ramp-like building along a hill on the web. Not wanting to look like a copycat may be the reason.

    But still, the roofs are so tantalizing. I think they could be done somehow walkable even if they are not a zigzag ramp.

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    Wow, very cool. Incredible how the whole thing just seems to be there, like a bush or a lichen on a rock, I concord with CMO ARCH, I wish my high school was like that (it wasn’t).
    Regardless of site conditions, more projects like this would be a very good idea. It’s neat. Judging from the interior hall perspective, the walk up to a classroom seems like a journey in itself.

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    All those stairs may well fight against youth overweight…!
    Well done!
    French girls will stil have good lookink bottom

    Chapeau !!!

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    a lot of green roofs?…
    that’s not “perfectly integrated into the existing site conditions”,
    but still a nice project

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