New PBS Architecture Series Features ‘Cool Spaces!’

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In an age where almost every conceivable subject has spawned its own reality series – be it Dancing On Ice or Hillbilly-Hand-Fishing - PBS’s new show, Cool Spaces!, aims to stimulate the public’s curiosity by engaging us in the story behind some of North America’s most interesting public buildings. The AIA sponsored show, which is hosted by Boston-based architect Stephen Chungdeparts from usual architecture-related television shows, which tend to focus on makeovers of private homes. Not only will this show look at public buildings, but it will also examine the people whose lives it has affected, the places that have shaped it, and the mind of the architect who brought all of these things together to design it.

Read more about the series and see a sneak preview after the break…

Speaking about the show Chung said, “Architecture is when someone’s able to combine art and purpose, and make it meaningful. We want to meet the owners, the architects, the clients, the characters behind this great stuff… I think most people out there think that architecture is a dry and academic topic, and I’m here to say it’s not, actually architecture is pretty cool, and I want to show it to you.”

Courtesy of Stephen Chung – YouTube

In the ‘sizzle’ reel – that’s promo, for us laypeople – Chung talks about the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, designed by Frank Gehry (bonus points for anyone who spots the nod to The Simpsons). Chung mentioned that it wasn’t just the building itself, but rather the story behind it that grabbed their attention. Watch the clip below for a sneak peak!

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will premiere on television sets by this Fall. More information can be found at

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