Office, Store & shop concrete container / OFIS Arhitekti

@ Tomaz Gregoric
@ Tomaz Gregoric

Architect: OFIS arhitekti
Location: Trata, Skofja Loka, Slovenia
Competition Year: 2005
Construction Year: 2008-2009
Project leaders: Rok Oman & Spela Videcnik
Design Team: Andrej Gregoric, Katja Aljaz, Janez Martincic, Magdalena Lacka
Budget: $180,000 Euro
Site Area: 2,500 sqm
Constructed Area: 1,080 sqm
Project year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Tomaz Gregoric

@ Tomaz Gregoric @ Tomaz Gregoric @ Tomaz Gregoric @ Tomaz Gregoric

The site plot is in the industrial area of Skofja Loka, Slovenia. Client bought the site in industrial zone together with constructional permit plans. The building dimensions are 35 x 22.5m and 11,50m in height. Furthermore contract included executive Construction Company for entire industrial zone with their system of prefabricated system with ready made openings on each elevation.

existing elevations
existing elevations

The project task was to merge a program inside the given volume and redefine existing elevations. The existing sections had to remain the same. A client’s company produce and merchandise safety equipment and devices which had to be stored in the 2/3 of the volume. The program was defined and inserted into 4 divisions following functional demands: Offices – storage loading – central storage – storage with attached loading.

program-elevations diagram
program-elevations diagram
@ Tomaz Gregoric
@ Tomaz Gregoric

The project scheme incorporated storage for goods of different sizes with loading areas, store, offices and classroom for lectures of safety.

The elevation cuts break the functional façade grid and reinstate flowing concrete elements in between translucent screens; Offices with transparent double-glazed façade, storage spaces with semi-translucent polycarbonate elements and two openings on the back as loading dock doors.

@ Tomaz Gregoric
@ Tomaz Gregoric

Materials are polished concrete, glass, metal and polycarbonate plates.

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  • oscar falcón lara

    Brilliant! the snap together construction seems very straightforward and the end result is quite clean and contemporary, makes for visually intriguing forms and facades. Very good idea that is executed masterfully on this project.

  • Jer Hindman

    First, let me say that I enjoy this project and the photographs are beautiful, but I feel duty-bound to ask why linoleum style flooring was used on the interior stairs and floors when the concrete job was so beautifully done elsewhere?

    • ygogolak

      Linoleum? There is tile or stone in the stairs.

  • Vitsee

    i love concrete and yellow. i was bound to like this!

  • proarchitectonics

    I really like how OFIS knows how do to really good projects out of given situations


    Also container can be very sexy; congrats

  • viewer

    beautiful re-design of an existing industrial building

  • Sven

    Simple with stunning result


    Excellent; Especially considering the starting task and the brief. This project’s result is the top mark.

  • -

    so true Architecture!

  • reviewer

    Industrial prefab beauty !

  • blogger

    good, clean job, well done..

  • ygogolak

    It’s tough to use that many materials on a small project, but I think they have done a great job with it.

  • ares

    Tastefull, with right feeling

  • bcherry

    great example of effective simplicity

  • sound

    Respect to OFIS guys, they know how to do something out of nothing

  • isamu

    Playfull concrete box, I like the elevations

  • word

    would love to see the details, especially of that highlighted corner.

  • Vega

    well done, sexy elevations

  • L-air

    Very inspiring

  • closed shop

    My kind of architecture, nothing to add, nothing to take

  • three zed

    Oh, my…. have they ever gone wrong?

    It’s nice to see where Slovenia is going, since days of Ravnikar and Plecnik are far behind. Such a small country, and so many great architects. It always amazes me. Congrats!

  • Sven

    Fully agree with you, three zed

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