Sea Ranch Residence / Turnbull Griffin Haesloop


Architects: Turnbull Griffin Haesloop / Eric Haesloop, FAIA and Mary Griffin, FAIA
Location: The Sea Ranch, CA, USA
Year completed: 2007
Structural Engineer: Jon Brody, Jon Brody Consulting Engineers
General Contractor: Don Matheny, Don Matheny Construction
Photographs: David Wakely

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Located at the Sea Ranch on an infill lot, we designed this 1,030 square foot house and 550 square foot guest house to create a threshold in the larger landscape, moving from the contained space of the hedge row to the open space of the meadow. We looked to some of the earlier agricultural forms along the north coast and paired the barn shape of the main house with the agricultural shed shape of the guest house to form a compound that creates a woodland garden on the entry side of the house.

site plan
site plan


From the garden, the entry of the main house opens through a bar of support spaces and steps up into a narrow section of the open space, covered by the broad barn roof shape that is sloping up. This large volume is carved away to shape an exterior octagonal deck that draws the open meadow into the center of the house. Grass planted header steps spill down from the deck out into the meadow. A continuous band of windows and doors follows the cutout to capture the distant diagonal views of the coastline. The simple form of the barn is made spatially more complex by eroding the form.


The owner requested refined detailing that would still feel comfortable within the context of the Sea Ranch. We layered the materials to reveal the steel and framing of the window wall. The white painted walls form the major walls and by reserving the exposed and steel construction for the shaped walls and bays we could use the detailing to further reinforce the overall site and spatial experience of moving from hedgerow to meadow.

Products in this project

Bathroom Equipment: Duravit

  • Bathroom Equipment by Duravit

Construction materials, Semi-finished materials: Western Red Cedar

  • Exposed framing by Western Red Cedar

Kitchen Equipment: Wolf, Sub Zero

  • Range by Wolf
  • Refrigerator by Sub Zero

Lighting, Heating, Home/building automation: Rais , Tobias Grau, BK Lighting

  • 60 fireplace by Rais
  • OH 7 ‐ ceiling mounted pendant light by Tobias Grau
  • Lightning by BK Lighting
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  • armeyn

    great! this is really feels like HOME
    love it!

  • Nathan

    Beautiful! Their work demonstrates an incredible amount of restraint.

  • peppy

    love the woodwork…
    reminds me of the classic sea ranch project by charles moore

  • David Basulto [tricky]

    I like this house… a lot.

  • Carlos Martinez

    Great work, excellent. Love the details.

  • ygogolak

    Love the cantilever on the built in table.

  • Terry Glenn Phipps

    Lest the fires, floods, droughts, and earthquakes stave off our recollection of why there ever was a California dream, there is architecture like this to rekindle it.

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  • The Hawk

    Brilliant work, well done.

  • Carl Bunch

    Your work at the Sea Ranch is perfect as is your work on our home in Napa. Seeing photos of your new projects makes me want to start all over again although I couldn’t live anywhere else or in any other house than the one you designed for me. I spend an hour every morning just looking at the ceiling! What a great way to live: in a TGH design.

  • StructureHub Blog

    Improves on Charles Moore’s legacy, I’d say. The exterior retains the rugged warmth of the wood cladding and boxy stance; I think the interior is actually better than the dark, musty-looking spaces of some of Moore’s work. Here, the inside is crisply done with warm, but not too dark wood finish, and the strategic use of white to brighten the air and create focal points.

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