Xiangxiangxiang Boutique Container Hotel / Tongheshanzhi Landscape Design Co

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Architects: Tongheshanzhi Landscape Design Co
Location: City, Shanxi, China
Design Team: Jiang Bo, MO keli, SUN Jie
Constructor: Dalian, CIMC
Area: 5,000 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of Tongheshanzhi Landscape Design Co

Courtesy of Tongheshanzhi Landscape Design Co

Xiangxiangxiang boutique container hotel is the very first boutique hotel which reformed from container in China. The location of the hotel is on the southwest of the Tianxia Duchenghuang tourism area, totally cover area is about 5000sqm. The hotel is belonging to the important block of servicing reception in Tianxia Duchenghuang tourism area, it was also one of the two incense themed praying projects for the 3rd “China Praying festival”.(The other project is the 11m high Chinese incense landscape which location is just before Chenghuang Palace.)

Courtesy of Tongheshanzhi Landscape Design Co

Xiangxiangxiang boutique contaienr hotel has three unique features:

1 Incense: it represents the themed image and the distinguishing service of the hotel. For one thing, lodger can feel the praying atmosphere from every details of the hotel (just like the arrangement of the rooms, the ornament of interior, etc.), for another, the hotel also provides to lodgers customer made “incense experience” service (according to preference or requirements of the lodgers; incense themed food; traditional incense rites, etc.). 2 Container: the whole hotel is transformed from containers, with eco-water paint, which reflects the design idea of “less burden on the nature”, also supplies lodgers a special feeling of space and version. 3 Town: means countryside, the plan of the hotel followed the traditional form of folk house in Shanxi, and designed a series spaces of incense exercise, like “Xunxiangjing” “Pinxiangtang”, where acting as sprite and culture center of the old Chinese villages, such as ancestral temple、stage, etc. Such designs made the tradition culture of incense and modern container structure more local, more rational.

Courtesy of Tongheshanzhi Landscape Design Co

All the functional spaces are made of 35 containers, in which 17 20-chi containers and 18 40-chi containers. The containers are used for courtyard room、courtyard suit room、independence suit、lobby、Shixiangzhai restaurant、compartment、Pinxiangtang and Xunxiangjing landscape, etc. Every room prepares customer made incense stove、incense tools and incense for musing in the atmosphere of incense. The names of rooms are nominated for the character of incense. Also the house number plates are made of manual carving ebony. The remarkable outlook of container、the comfortable design of new Chinese style interior and furniture、the blessing and incense themed ornament features、the opposite scenery between courtyard and Tianxia Duchenghuang, all of these help increasing the special experience of the hotel.

Courtesy of Tongheshanzhi Landscape Design Co

Xiangxiangxiang boutique container hotel is a vanguard in the area of “container life module” new originality estate which will be attempted by the China National Development and Reform Commission and the CIMC. The model of “manufacture in factory+ install in site” which is considered as the most low-carbon building in China, however, more prominent eco-protection is that the containers are made in the only production lines in the world painting. It can provide better anticorrosion defend, also ensure lower carbon using, almost none harmful gas releasing. According to the creative angle, the hotel mixes tourism industry, culture originality estate and local features, which make it a unique style, and a deep prompt the development of this new estate.


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