Kickstarter: BrickItUp!

  • 17 Mar 2013
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BrickItUp is a kickstarter project, created by Jose Luis, that allows for simple and intuitive 3D modeling. Block by block, users can easily create 3D spaces and environments without any limitations. BrickItUp caters well to collaboration and allows users to work on a project live with each other. When working in groups, users are able to see what each person is working on in real-time, making distance a negligible factor in collaboration.

More on BrickItUp after the break.

BrickItUp has the potential to level the playing field of by giving anyone with an inspiration the power to construct their design even if they do not have any prior experience with 3D software. This platform makes creation, navigation and sharing easy, accessible, and free for everyone.

BrickItUp is currently in early alpha version and is seeking $7,500 in funding to create a beta version to be released to the public in May 2013.

Help support this project by donating here.

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  • FAIL

    FAIL! Epic fail! Virtual copy of lego?? No thnx… Rly!


    I do like the project, virtual environments and 3D printing are the very present, who wants to stack material pieces in a box if you can have it online? good luck!

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  • urB

    Did I miss something? I guess we are two weeks later and it is april fool.

  • TMNL

    This is somewhat like the simcity 3000 building architect tool, reinvented as a response to the popularity of minecraft. Nothing wrong with that, especially if the interface is extremely intuitive, and it produces nice mediam it could be nice to play with. Of course, anyone taking modeling even a bit seriously could take another 5 minutes extra and learn sketchup.

  • zahy

    This is pure copy of minecraft .)) make me laught guy using even same slogans. If you are interested check the guy that realy invented something