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  • 11 Mar 2013
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Last year, we asked our Facebook Fans to share with us their thoughts on the best smartphone apps for architects. The list was quite interesting and at number 9 we had [steel] an app for iOS and Android developed by our friends at The Mobile Engineer.

Starting today and throughout this week, along with The Mobile Engineer, we are organizing a so 15 iOS users and 3 Android users can get [steel] and many other apps that would cost $30 if bought individually. To participate, you must become a registered user and answer the following question in our comments:

How much time did you spend working in your smartphone a year ago, how much time do you spend today, and how much time do you think you’ll spend one year from today?

When leaving your comment, please specify if you’re an iOS user, or an Android one. The winners will be announced next Monday!

Along with the giveaway, iOS users can select if they want to participate as beta testers for a new app that The Mobile Engineer is working on. This will give you free copies when released and your name/company will be credited with the app. If you would like to test it, please email David Homes directly at this address. Good luck!

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    Wow, looks great for my everyday work! Last year I didn’t have a smartphone now I can imagine with it, so this apps will be very helpful for my work.
    Love ArchDaily. Happy birthday to you guys!

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    A year ago, I spent around 10 minutes a day on my smartphone. Today, I have reverted to a “dumbphone” and am saving over $40 a month. So one year from now, I plan to spend zero time on a smartphone.

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    A year ago, I spent about 10-15 mins a day. Now I spend aroun one hour. I think next year I will spend about 2hrs a day

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    last year i spent some but little time using my smartphone to take pictures of sites and ideas. now im using it for the previous as well as sketching ideas, diagraming floor plans, researching methods and materials, and doing structural calculations. I can not even begin to imagine where I will be in the next year with newer and better phones.

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    last year 15 min per day. Now days 25 min. “However” when I’m around my Kids its down to “0″ and I wld say in year from now it Should be down to “0″ around my wife.

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    A year ago I was spending max 20 minutes a day in my smartphone. Today, I spend at least 1,5 hour a day and the next year I think that i am going to spend about the same amount of time on my smartphone, as this year.

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    A year ago, I spent 15 minutes a day on my smartphone. Today, I spent 30min. Next year I’ll spent 50-60 min with my iOS working on my projects.

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    Last year I didn’t spent time working on my smartphone. Today, I spend about 40 mins a day (checking work emails, reviewing presentations or images from the office or keeping up with work related news as well as looking for precedents). It looks like a year from now I might be spending equal amount of time or more, however I’ve noticed I’m starting to use more the iPad for these things than the iPhone. (iOS user)

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    Last year i spent 15 mins. a day working on my smartphone. Now it takes more time ( about half an hour) as I can use it for many other things beside e-mailing, calculating stuff etc. Next year i’ll probably spent even more time using my iphone (I guess about 40 mins).

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    Last year I spent about 10 minutes or so using my old Android phone. I recently bought an iPhone, so now I spent some more time, maybe half an hour – an hour (new toy :-)…). In a year that will probably have diminished to about half an hour – twenty minutes…

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    Last year I used it mainly play games and use social media, just 20-30min/day. Gradually, leading further into my career, work and continuing education became more important. Now I use it consistently from 1-2 hours a day to check the news, email, etc.

    In a year, I don’t doubt that smartphones will gradually start to replace computers even more, I am sure it will be much longer, 2-3 hours depending on the technology.

    - iOS user

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    I bought my iphone just about a year ago. When I first got it, I couldn’t put it down; I needed to find and try every app that was even remotely useful to my everyday needs as an architect plus some entertainment. Today, I still use it frequently. My guess is I spend around 2 hours daily on my iphone. A year from today I think I’d spend just about the same amount of time; Apps are just so useful!

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    Last year I spent very little time working on my iPhone. This year I have been using it to take photos and manage email while I’m on site visits. Probably about 30 min per day. With more useful applications this could increase but I think the bulk of digital work should be done on my workstation or notebook.

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    each year this seems to increase. a year ago i would estimate 5-10 hours a week. this year is at least 10 hours a week. next year, unless i get a tablet, i would see myself more around 15-20 hours on the phone. i’m an iOS user.

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    Well, if you count iPod as smartphone with local connection only, just a bit. More for music, quick internet browsing, quick notes. Not counting the music, I guess it was and still is less than 1h per week or so.

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    Last year I spent half an hour a day playing/working with my iPhone, now we have a baby so I have another things to do, but I still spend a while playing/working in the bus and next year I suppose I gonna use it a bit more. iOS user

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    Last year I spent aprox. half an hour a day working/playing with my iPhone, now we have a baby so I have other things to do, but I still play/work in the bus so like 15min a day. Next year I think it’s gonna be the same. iOS user

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    Last year I spent approximatively few hours a week. This year, I’m using more mobile apps, just because I got an iPad, and it’s easier to get in touch with your projects from there. The next year, I plan to use mobile apps intensively almost every day. I’m an iOs user and I would love to become a beta tester of architectural apps as well. Thanks for this chance.

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    Last year, I spent about 5% of my time working on my smartphone (checking email, calculating things, sending photos when I am in the field). Today I spend about 10% of my time on my smartphone (for similar tasks as mentioned above). In a year from now, I think I’ll be spending 25% of my time from my smartphone. I say 25% primarily because I think within the next year we will see lots of development (hardware and software driven) that will allow a user to share the smartphone screen with a monitor or tv instantly. The size will scale the screen to the larger image size and the phones could then turn into a keyboard and mouse. Additionally, now with pdf markup software making its way to mobile devices and cloud storage becoming a norm, I know mobile computing will dominate within the coming years. Also, once Microsoft office makes its way to iOS and Android, I think “computers” will become obsolete.

    I use iOS and would love to win the apps. Thanks!

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    Last year time spent on my smartphone for work: not much
    What happens now if I leave it at home the day: total CHAOS…

    iOs… is there really any other operating system?

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    Last year I spent about 25min p/d. This year around an 1 hour. So guess next year round 2 hours as you can use them for more and more as apps and technology develops.

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    Last year: none, as I was pre-smartphone
    Today: at least 15-20 mins per day, mostly tracking email
    A year from today: I’d guess 30-45 mins, with expanded email, product sourcing and using my phone as my primary site camera.


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    Last year, the average amount of time I spent daily on a smart phone was 5 hours. I spend around 8 hours daily in this year. I may spend the same amount of time or less in the future.

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    I have my phone for 3 month now, I usually spend 1 hour on it and I prefer not to exceed it. (for my eyes :) ) iOS

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    A year ago, I spent about 1 hour a day. Now I spend about 1 hour yet. I think next year I will spend about 2hrs a day.
    I’m an iOS user.

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    1 year ago I barely used my phone for anything job related.

    Right now, I use it mostly as a reference object (checking stuff I already put on there like notes and PDF) + job emails. (max. 1 hour per day).

    In a year from now, the phone part will probably stay the same but I’ll probably have a tablet so I can create notes and annotate plans more easily than on a phone. (That might bump ymy overall use to something like 2 hrs per day).

    (and I’m an Android user)

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    I`m student and using public transportation!every day I spend 3 hours to go to college and come back! last year I used my Android Phone only for the week before submission!! but this year is my last year! and I can say I use CAD WS almost every day about 2 hours! and also sketchbook! and sometimes other apps!

    but in future?? if I can find better internet for my device probably I ll spend more time! lol

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