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  • 09 Mar 2013
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Courtesy of S. Haliti & M. Azizi

Designed for the ‘Culture for All’ competition, an EU-funded project managed by the European Union Office in and implemented by ARS Progetti SPA, Senat Haliti’s pavilion is a response to the need for an artwork that would transform a public space to revive it. By making a structure somebody could enter into, and be surrounded by, the project becomes an “EU HOME” for Kosovans, a space to give them the chance to ‘get in EU’ every day. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of S. Haliti & M. Azizi

The EU Pavilion idea came from the last stats regarding Kosovans readiness to Join EU (72%).  Pavilion is designed to be occupied, providing a quiet space for contemplation with the potential to encourage building trust amongst people of different communities.

Courtesy of S. Haliti & M. Azizi

It is comprised of three elements: ground, space and structure. Roots and heritage are represented by the traditional carped interpreted on the ground while our European aspirations are represented by the structure itself. Based on “EU barcode” (AMO/Rem Koolhaas, 2001) EU member’s flags are layered  and painted in recycled wood forming a house shaped space as most representative form of the “home”, a shelter for all. The color richness is about differences and diversity as it stands also for harmony and beauty. The contemplation space is created in between the roots and structure. A space where people can reflect about the past and future.

Courtesy of S. Haliti & M. Azizi

The recycled wooden frame forms a shaded space delimiting the boundary between the inside and outside of the structure. The base grounds the structure, and provides an informal seat. These fundamentals combined, create a bold, lively artwork, reflecting and answering to the vibrant energy that young Kosovans represent.

Architect: Senat Haliti
Location: Shadërvan, , Republic of Kosovo
Collaborators: Margarita Azizi & Sead Haliti
Budget: 2000 €
Year: 2012

Cite: Furuto, Alison. "EU Pavilion / Senat Haliti" 09 Mar 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 21 Sep 2014. <>


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    Yet another cheap EU marketing trick in that so called “independent” state.

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    kosovo is serbia! not eu and certanly not albanian!

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    Cheap imitation of EU Flag from OMA.
    Get an original idea dude!

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      what history are you talking about? not even that mosk in the background is historically albanian – it was left by the turks who were occupying the land four five hundred years…. or you’re maybe implying on that burger shop next – does that represent the famous schiptare history!? what a joke!

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    Very cheap imitation indeed! Using OMA flag and putting it as your design is really messed up. I guess that is how it works in your country.

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      exactly, this is how they roll – entire “nation” based on plagiarism and stealing…land, culture….you name it…they’ll steal it!

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