Landscapes of Quarantine

1251425787-quarantineSeveral times I haves asked myself what is inside ’s mind. The author of the BLDG Blog has been pushing architectural thinking (or more like stretching, bending, twisting…) by proposing views of an uncertain future (while linking this to our past),  leaving an open door that invites us to think about architecture in a non traditional space-restricted way.

Sounds weird, but I can´t really define it.  Maybe we should stick to his definition:  ”Architectural Conjecture, Urban Speculation, Landscape Futures”.

A couple of days ago Geoff told me that he is going to be in NY during the fall, where he will run an  an independent design studio, called Landscapes of Quarantine, “meeting to explore the spatial implications of quarantine”. The studio will run from Oct 6 to Dec 5, and he has already confirmed a  group of ten people, whose backgrounds include architecture, sound design, urban gaming, comic books, film, photography, art, landscape, and food. The studio will conclude with an exhibition at the Storefront Gallery.

But the interesting part, at least for our readers, is that the studio is open for public applications. If this sounds interesting to you, just head to and read the details about Landscapes of Quarantine and on how to apply.

p.s.: I also recommend you to follow Geoff at Twitter, as he is constantly sharing ideas and links worth reading. And another thing worth reading is his book: The BLDGBLOG Book.

Cite: Basulto, David. "Landscapes of Quarantine" 27 Aug 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <>
  • kimbo

    now this is architecture, alas, albeit and nevertheless without alternative publishing formats, such as mp3 or ebook, which would really make bldg blog s imaginative take on imaginative geoarch, accessible architecture, actually accessible to all.