AD Interview: Phil Bernstein

During the past AIA Convention we sat down with John Bacus from Google Sketchup to discuss how this tool can help architects on their workflows, with a tool that is easy to use, fast and extensible.

We also had the chance to talk with Phil Bernstein, faculty at Yale and currently the Vice President of AEC Industry and Relations for Autodesk. Given his background and current position, I immediately scheduled an interview with him as I wanted an architect on the industry to tell us more on how is helping out architects in several ways.

Phil was very clear and precise on this, and the idea of this interview is to help our readers to make a decision on  adopting BIM solutions, and also to help architecture students to see how learning to use a BIM software can help them in their future job seek.

As an example on the importance of BIM, I asked early this morning on Twitter what our readers think on adopting BIM and if arch students feel like they need to learn this before graduating. Here are some answers:

  • eclosson @archdaily ; ive used REVIT 4 3yrs…valuable tool 4 small firms, wrkn on athletic complex in Romania w/ team of 6-8, only possible w/BIM
  • roddimo @archdaily BIM is inevitable and you better get on the wagon if u want the next job. Clients are now asking for it
  • cvandevere @archdaily  BIM is a process. There are a number of tools/programs that can assist in that process and it’s implementation. #bim #revit
  • ryansinger @archdaily I use it and like it. For simple projects line drawing works and you can use your hand instead of CAD
  • berntstenberg @archdaily Re: BIM–not yet. Perhaps it’ll be standard someday, but I think only for big projects. We do res. remodels–still draw faste …
  • archop @archdaily @ my firm economy put halt on moving to BIM, but it is inevitable. Also the community College I teach at will begin offering i
  • DanielCon @archdaily I have never worked on a project where BIM made the process easier or smoother.  I’m sure everyone will have to learn it but why?
  • Numaru @archdaily I’m an architecture student in Korea. Even thought my class mates don’t know BIM well, we feel pressure of BIM.
  • Winter_Street @archdaily we bite the bullet – here’s our recent blog post on the investment and rewards [of BIM]
Cite: Basulto, David. "AD Interview: Phil Bernstein" 21 Aug 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <>
  • The Revit Kid

    Thank you so much for the interview. Phil is a great guy!

  • viking

    we tried to implement revit in our office (one of leading ones in scandinavia) no real support from autodesk and finally we had to switch back to mix of rhino and max in 3d and autocad in documentation.
    in my opinion they trying hard to sell underdeveloped product for money that isn’t worth


    i find it ironic that he is sitting in front of a mac and kind of gestures towards it sometime when revit/auto desk doesn’t support the platform.

    • David Basulto

      they have surprises coming for the Mac platform :)

    • alejo

      yeah, I thought the same

  • Mike Schettine

    I’d like to see Autodesk create framing templates from the BIM file to help orginize the workflow on the jobsite! Lets get this done, the data is all there and the market for such a product is not only important for the stucture but highly profitable for the builders and company exploiting this untapped market…BIM extention is requsested and useful. Lets hear about “Post BIM data” and how it can benifit the enduser…an untapped conversation todate.

  • alejo

    It’s funny see to the Vice President of AEC Industry and Relations for Autodesk speaking about your products in from of a Mac, when software like autocad, Revit, 3d max is just for windows, and is the only reason that I work with windows, because i prefer Mac

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