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  7. Izola Social Housing / OFIS arhitekti

Izola Social Housing / OFIS arhitekti

  • 01:00 - 30 June, 2008
Izola Social Housing / OFIS arhitekti
Izola Social Housing / OFIS arhitekti

Izola Social Housing / OFIS arhitekti Izola Social Housing / OFIS arhitekti Izola Social Housing / OFIS arhitekti Izola Social Housing / OFIS arhitekti +29

  • Architects

  • Location

    6310 Izola, Slovenia
  • Architect

    OFIS arhitekti
  • Design Team

    Rok Oman, Špela Videčnik with Martina Lipicer, Nejc Batistič, Neža Oman, Florian Frey, Marisa Baptista
  • Structural Engineering

    Valide d. o. o.
  • Mechanical Engineering

    Oves d. o. o.
  • Electrical Engineering

    Winky d. o. o.
  • Contractor

    Makro 5 gradnje, d. o. o and Kraški zidar d. d.
  • Client

    Slovenian Housing Fund and Community of Izola
  • Budget

    1,54 M EURO (US $2.42 M) /block
  • Site Area

    2,294 sqm
  • Area

    5452.0 sqm
  • Project Year


From the architect. The project is a winning entry for two housing blocks in a competition convoked by the Slovenia Housing Fund, a government-run programme that is providing low-cost apartments for young families.

The proposal won for economic, rational and functional issues but mostly for the ratio between gross vs. saleable surface area and the flexibility of the plans. When signing the contract we were obliged to prepare construction documentation for the building cost 600€ per m2 of net surface area.

The blocks are set out on a hill with a view of Izola Bay on one side and of the surrounding hills on the other. The given urban plot was 2blocks of 60x28 meters.

The brief required 30 apartments of different sizes and structures, varying from studio flats to 3-bedroom apartments. The apartments are small, with minimum-sized rooms according to Slovenian standards. There are no structural elements inside the apartments, thus providing flexibility and the possibility of reorganising things.

The blocks are set out on a hill with a view of Izola Bay on one side and of the surrounding hills on the other. Since the blocks are subject to a Mediterranean climate outdoor space and shade are important elements.

The project proposed a veranda for each apartment, thus providing an outdoor space that is intimate, partly connected with the interior, shady and naturally ventilated.

A textile shade protects the balcony and apartment from prying eyes, yet due to its semi-transparency allows the owner to enjoy the views of the bay. Perforated side-panels allow summer breeze to ventilate the space. The strong colours create different atmospheres within the apartments. Boxes at the side of each balcony provide room for air-conditioning units.

The small rooms become visually bigger because the textile shade creates a perspective effect that connects part of the exterior with the interior.

Balcony modules are designed as efficient system providing shading and ventilation for the apartments. Textile elements fixed on the front of the balconies block direct sunlight and accumulate "air buffer" zone. In the summer hot accumulated area behind the shadings is naturally ventilated through (10 cm holes) perforated side partitions of the balconies. In the winter the warm air stays in the area and provides additional heating to the apartments.

Location to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact address. Cite: "Izola Social Housing / OFIS arhitekti" 30 Jun 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Josif Milenkovic · December 06, 2015

Insulation is blocked by sides of the balcony construction. Looks good thou, but is it really practical solution? Maybe for Spain, but not for Slovenia considering the number of sunny days.

Anant · December 19, 2012

this is really awesome.....

Toronto Retweeter · December 15, 2011

RT @ktothvisuals Why can&#39t public housing look like this in #Toronto ? #izola #slovenia · December 15, 2011

Why can&#39t public housing look like this in #Toronto ? #izola #slovenia

Roberto Lucchese · March 29, 2011

Izola Social Housing / OFIS arhitekti | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Mauricio Hernández · November 10, 2010

Dios lo perdone... #HorrorArchitectrue!

William · September 08, 2010

What do you gays think of the aeration of it. it seems not very good.

benson · September 07, 2010

Absolutely stunning !

Architecture News · March 07, 2010

RT @bluevertical: Izola Social Housing by OFIS arhitekti #architecture #design #color *very original design

bluevertical · March 07, 2010

Izola Social Housing by OFIS arhitekti #architecture #design #color *very original design

André Amaral · February 20, 2010
JonnY · February 04, 2010

Very nice project indeed. I love the shapes that come out in various angles. But in my opinion, due to the fact that the façade is extremely rich with angles, shapes, movement, different perspective, it should have been reduced to a minimal usage of 1-2 colours. Just my thought. Still, great project, enjoyed reading about it and seeing its fotos.

Banc · July 02, 2010 01:07 PM

I completely agree with regards to minimising the number or colours on the front facade... Nevertheless I love the investment being made into social housing- not only fiscal but also creative!

Ankur · February 04, 2010

Outstandingly different...!! Very innovative very vibrant. :)

cielo · January 21, 2010

cool! :D

sandro · December 21, 2009

very nice!!!

revarqua · November 06, 2009

Great lecture in Zagreb, congrats OFIS

V · April 12, 2009

why here?!

Peter Gunawan · March 12, 2009

nice works, I like how modular balcony can be break-up visualy just by playing with the shades. jus got 2 quostion : 1st .do you ventilated all the toilets mechanicaly? because it,s all placed in the center of the building. 2nd the box at balcony for air con unit, doenst the heat always goes back inside the unit? thanks alot

peter gunawan

Khaled dewidar · November 19, 2008

very nice and graet idea to overheating

zubair ahmed · December 25, 2009 10:31 AM

very nice and simple------using cool and calm colour---arrangement of balconies is very perfect and elegant

liza · October 25, 2008

now that's one cool social housing!

kristy · July 03, 2008

whoa. awesome!


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Izola Social Housing / OFIS arhitekti