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Suppose Design Office has just shared with us their latest work for the Diesel Denim Gallery in Aoyama, . While Makoto Tanijiri, the principle of Suppose, has designed over 60 residences (several of which we have featured previously on AD) his work also includes commercial and exhibition spaces. Tanijiri and Masaaki Takahashi, an independent writer and editor specializing in various fields of design and this exhibit’s curator, have created a gallery space for the Diesel clothing line. The Diesel Denim Gallery, the signature store of the brand name, functions as a gallery space for art installations and exhibits throughout the year showcasing talented rising artists. For this year’s store installation, Tanijiri has created an “innovative art space” entitled .

More about the Nature Factory after the break.


For the Nature Factory installation, a series of pipes branch across the stores in all directions.  The placement of the artificial plumbing echoes a tree’s branches growing over a period of extended time.  Tanijiri notes, “Denim as recognized work clothes formerly had, at times, shown different expressions as fashion items to the people.  Equally, a group of plumbing, usually unnoticed, shows completely different expressions in the installation.”  As the pipes run across the ceiling and down the walls, the fashion items are arranged among the network of pipes to show that “such primarily functional things actually are more diverse and also have higher value.”





Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Nature Factory / Suppose Design Office" 17 Aug 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 01 Sep 2014. <>


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    just brilliant, simple materials with dramatic effects, and i am greatly impressed by the shadow that the pipes create..

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    I love this project … ALOT
    Concept to reality, and he does it in a realistic and artistic manner … NICE

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    Looks like secret garden for me. Could be great shopping experience where people have to explore, find treasures and decide about buy in quiet corner. In general exterior and interior looks inviting, mysterious, exiting. I like it, its an interesting space. Thanks, Lumiges

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    i think its a stylish store but its pure cosmetic also.
    and an absurd waste of plastic tubes.

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    Awesome light play! 4 stars. However:

    All that pipe, and they couldn’t spare a hundred bucks to resize their clothing hangers to fit on the PVC pipes! The pipe scheme really has the potential to extend into the entire shopping experience, but instead it’s only a graphic. Use it as the shelving, Diesel! Use it as partitions! Use it as the counter!

    Not to say that every piece of architecture has to become a one-language pony, I just think it would have helped this project.

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