Maison D / Emmanuelle Weiss

  • 22 Jan 2013
  • Houses Selected Works
© Julien Lanoo

Architects: Emmanuelle Weiss
Location: ,
Year: 2012
Photographs: Julien Lanoo

House D (Maison D) is an extension of a Family home, in the middle of an urban area, on a parcel twice as wide as the existing house.

© Julien Lanoo

The House D (Maison D), doubles the linear qualities of the existing house façade, thus unifying a roadside landscape that was deconstructed before, the extension also doubles the importance of the private family garden.

© Julien Lanoo

The House D extension welcomes all the important living functions, private income patio, kitchen an living room, the architect ( Emmanuelle Weiss) chose to incorporate on the first level of the extension a equipped sleeping quarter, with bathroom and a well organised dressing. The result of this exercise frees up the existing house, which has mainly become the children’s territory. Also now, the complementation of House D, makes room to add a large office area in the existing house, adapted to the professional life of its inhabitants.

© Julien Lanoo

The volume, high levels , low levels : ¬´ zones ¬ª create a dialogue with the existing typical style house.  All the volumes in the House D translated in it’s roofline, bring a richness to it’s space.  Natural light embraces the volume, some times directly some times reflected it fills in the complete project and living quarters.  House D is an answer to the existing devision of the main house. Its functional properties talk directly into the vertical circulations of the existing house, it opens up living space.

© Julien Lanoo

To link the old and new together, the architect ( Emmanuelle Weiss) chose to use a minimal contact between both architectures. The new differentiates it’s self on the outside by two litle patios, only linking itself to the old on the interior where the new incrusts into the hall way.  The chose materials are a homage to the existing house, but staying in a modern urban context. Dark bricks ( reflecting back on a modern way to the dark old red bricks typical for this area) and aluminum detail work show subtile hints to it’s surroundings.

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  • Stan Majcherkiewicz

    Great! Amazing little house. Simple, clean, honest, modern, well fit into the exisitng matter… Congratz to the authors.

  • Myles McKenzie

    What a great contemporary custom home. The use of the dark brick really complements the neighborhood.