Zaha Hadid to Regenerate Historic Site in Belgrade


Marking the “continuance of ’s signature ‘Modernist’ movement”, which produced a number of iconic buildings throughout the mid-twentieth century, the Serbian capital is proud to unveil Zaha Hadid Architect’s (ZHA) contemporary masterplan for Beko. This all-inclusive, mixed use project embeds itself within the undulating topography of the abandoned Beko textile factory in a style that directly reflects Zaha’s distinct style of Parametricism.

Focused on urban regeneration, the project will join forces with Sou Fujimoto’s proposed ‘Cloud’ on the adjoining Sava waterfront to revitalize Belgrade’s cultural axis.

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ZHA’s Beko Masterplan aims to transform the currently inaccessible factory site into Belgrade’s next cultural hub. With the entire ground floor dedicated to civic space, the 94,000 square meter complex will feature residential, retail and commercial areas, along with a large scale convention center, five-star boutique hotel and an abundance of public destinations. Public, private, indoor and outdoor spaces are fused together by “flow lines”, as each space is meant to seamlessly connect to one another.

Existing Site, Courtesy of Belgrade Design Week

The historic site, which was purchased at a public auction by the Greek company Lamda Development in 2007 for EUR 55.8 million, features striking views towards the confluence of Belgrade’s two rivers and the subtle monumentality of the Kalemegdan Castle. It is located only 500 meters away from the city center and on top of a cultural axis that connects some of Belgrade’s most important destinations.

Construction is expected to begin soon and the total investment is projected to exceed EUR 200 million.


Zaha Hadid: “We are delighted to be working on the design for BEKO. The project focuses on urban regeneration of an important site at the intersection of key cultural artifacts. The masterplan follows the region’s strong modernist traditions and has applied new concepts and methods that examine and organize the programs of the site; defining a composition of buildings with the elegance of coherence that addresses the complexity of 21st century living patterns. The design for BEKO is embedded within the surrounding landscape of Belgrade’s cultural axis and incorporates essential public spaces. It is absolutely critical to invest in these public spaces that engage with the city. They are a vital component of a rich urban life and cityscape, uniting the city and tying the urban fabric together.”


Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Client: Lamda Development 
Area: 94,000 sqm
Cost: EUR 200 million +

Design: Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher
Project Director: Christos Passas
Project Associate: Bozana Komljenovic
Project Architect: Reza Esmaeeli
Design Team Coordination: Zetta Kotsioni, Carine Posner
BIM Coordination: Rory MacTague, Adam Atraktzi
Design Team: Veronika Ilinskaya, Alexandra Fisher, Raul Forsoni, Jose Luis De Melo Cadilhe, Tomasz Starczewski, Hendrik Rupp, Andri Shalou, , Carlos Luna, Chrysi Fradellou, Elina Chatzichronoglou, Barbara Bochnak, Thomas Frings

Local Architect: ZAPP Doo
SEMP and Facade Consultant: Arup
Vertical Transport: Arup
Hotel Consultant: E.P.R. Architects
Sustainability and Energy: Arup
Code Compliance: EN Plus
Cost Consultant: Davis Langdon

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Zaha Hadid to Regenerate Historic Site in Belgrade" 07 Jan 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
  • Emmett McNamara

    My favourite aspect is how it fits seamlessly in with its surroundings. It displays complete respect for Belgrade and all it has been through and will help the city maintain it’s unique character, avoiding the tired international style employed by so many starchitects. God bless you Zaha

    • Pasha

      You need to redesign all rest of the city to fit.

    • archi

      Ahh, I get it. You’re being sarcastic. ;)

    • mimi

      are you out of ur mind??? have you ever been to belgrade?

  • max


    • Steve

      jeeze Max, that’s what I was going to say.

  • rufio

    wish they would set up some of these cameras at ground level!

  • Peter Szabo

    It looks awesome! I’m glad that zha is conquering eastern europe as well, they’re going to have a really nice project in Budapest(Hungary) as well, and then this one in Serbia. What more can I say: keep going!

    • humer

      fortunately this disaster will not happen in Budapest.

  • Tosh Kz

    I wonder when will this architecture disappear?

  • humer

    please dont let her in Eastern Europe.

  • Pasha

    Dear Zaha Hadid. Could you just, please, design something that engineer could be able to BUILT.

  • Marcelo Gardinetti

    This messianic invocation to how malleable, parametricism exegesis, merely cover all possible architectural intent, transforming the design into a recurring discursive game, unnecessary, predictable and lacking a proposal flatly habitable.

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  • zoran petrovic

    Very poorly written article, without getting into context and background of project.

  • Gregory Piddlebottom

    Zaha you have excelled my love! This is truly your finest work. I salivate at the thought of buying an apartment in this development and cooking my green beans & eggs every night whilst watching the beautiful Belgrade river.

  • Sash


  • Walt

    Although it joined the EU in 1990, Belgrade’s currency is Dinars. They may even take offense to the article’s Euro reference as the country recently elected not to enlist the Euro as it’s national currency.

    • gavra

      Serbia is NOT in EU…

  • Komar

    Amazing, the fort and that masterpiece go together like no structure before………………………………………….


    I am getting the zaha-hadid-design-fatigue already.

  • Gregory Piddlebottom

    Zaha! These images inspire me & evoke such sensory joy throughout my body. I am wishing this is approved for Belgrade & have my deposit for the apartment ready. Anyone here want to buy one with me & join apartments?

  • Martin

    “The design for BEKO … incorporates essential public spaces. It is absolutely critical to invest in these public spaces that engage with the city.”

    How can five star boutiques count as public spaces?

  • Heidi

    Belgrade doesn’t have money. Belgrade has enormous infrastructural problems. Belgrade is as big as Vienna but it’s public transport consists of a few old trams and buses. Belgrade has one of the most beautiful Museums of Modern art but nobody has the money to refurbish it and open it again. There is no architecture in this world to revive old glory.

    • Ben

      Than you for writing that, I agree with you on this one. But, what can we do? It is all soon going to be sold to the higher power. The money will go first to a certain politician, and after another few years, it will all be gone. Later generations will look back on this time and just be dissapointed. Serbia couldn’t hold it self in its hands. There are no hands. It’s a black hole underneath.

  • fazal

    Okay I get it. Zaha knows to use liquify tool. But Zaha, this is not the right place to use it. :-|

  • guest

    She has started to copy herself.
    Did you know that there are laws against piracy?

  • Tomas

    i love to see this project in Belgrade, i love it, go Zaha GO! i know you cant it..!

  • Soa Kim

    jaha’s building is eco-hideous. it does not allow any kind of refurbishment or renovation.

  • Cristian Dinulescu

    Real Symphony!

  • Cristian Dinulescu

    Real Simphony!

  • yusuph mbandu

    zaha ur truly the great architect…i like ur organic fluid designs….

  • Luka

    As a student of architecture, and a citizen of Belgrade, I have strong opinions about this absurdism and complete idiocy. And I’m not talking just about the project itself. Belgrade doesn’t need a new shopping mall, a new hotel, a new artificial, worthless, peace of modern architecture. It is shameful, the decision, the gouvernment and the authorities have made, to let such a gigantic, overpriced, project take place. It can be said that this, along with other irresponsible, reckless actions, are deteriorating the city, and the country, which is not a new thing by the way. It is all connected, and it is sad. Nobody so stand up against this is just terrible. I cannot even continue typing.

  • Dac

    Beko and Miškovic are 2 friends be carfor…

  • Arch

    As an Serbian architect in USA it’s one of the most disturbing architectural fabrics that absolutelly has no business at this site. To all the designers on this project I hope that you have studied the history of the site but what I
    can see it seems that you did not. Architecture it’s not about producing pretty pictures its about concept which in this case I don’t see a valid concept at all therefore what the designers are proposing has no validity and its just a building sitting in a very historic Serbian site with no concept relationship to the site. I truly believe that the architectural firm did not do a research / homework in relationship to the site therefore there is no concept. It’s also very sad in architecture that the government hires their friends to design building and make money but meanwhile the Serbian heritage is being destroyed and also the architectural fabric of surroundings is not being implemented properly with continuity that can last for generations,

  • Yotam

    The amount of “hidden due to low comment rating” messages says it all i suppose…. Zaha , come down from your Olympus , you forgot you are mortal ….