Café/Pastry Shop in Sintra / extrastudio


Architects: extrastudio
Location: Serra das Minas, Sintra, Portugal
Type: Commercial
Client: Seara da Serra II, Lda.
Project team: Joao Ferrao, Joao Costa Ribeiro, Andreia Teixeira, Filipa Ferreira, Maria Joao Oliveira, Tiago Pinhal Costa, Maria Amaral
Hidraulic consultants: PRPC Engenheiros
Acustics: Acustiprojecto, lda
HVAC: Frivenco, lda
Contractor: Costa e Costa, lda.
Budget: 200,000E
Project Area: 118 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Joao Morgado

joaomorgado_serradasminas-2 joaomorgado_serradasminas-8 joaomorgado_serradasminas-9 joaomorgado_serradasminas-13

In an urban condition without any specific references, a residential suburb between Sintra and Lisbon, this project is inspired by the nearby Sala de Musica (the Music Room)in Palacio de Queluz and by the Patisseries and Cafés from the beginning of the XX century, where the substance that characterizes its interior is completely autonomous from the construction where it’s inserted.


This means that the formal and tactile universe created here, will be as distant as possible from the nature of the existing building,a generic, typical suburban housing block. Tadellakt, polished stuccos, colored cement tiles, mirror and ruivina, a local type of marble, will be used either ultra polished or in its raw state, giving substance to a new material universe.


Generated trough a sequence of computer morphs, the main space is the result of the union of several different sections: the existing rear-windows, a new vaulted space and the entrance, creating a seamless, continuous transition between walls and ceiling.

geometry axo 01
geometry axo

Structural elements, entrances, refrigerated showcases and all fixed equipments are embedded and dissimulated on the wall thicknesses, creating a space with a clear identity in an anonymous neighborhood.

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