The New Urban School, Mixed Use Sports Complex Proposal / EFFEKT + Rubow

  • 18 Dec 2012
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Courtesy of EFFEKT + Rubow

Designed by EFFEKT + Rubow, the Mixed Use Sports Complex, in connection with the urban school, combines the planning of the new school district with the transformation of existing historical buildings and new plazas into one united and modern project. Located in , , the idea is to create an open, integrated and modern educational environment that’s both educationally visionary and creates a new and attractive urban district for the city and its inhabitants. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of EFFEKT + Rubow

Masterplan and Landscape

The whole urban site is positioned on a sloping hill with a great view towards Øresund. The surface connects the whole district and creates “pocket” parks, plazas and streets in between new and old buildings. The master plan carefully protects old historical masonry buildings, transforms concrete element buildings from the 70’s and positions new buildings where needed. All together creating a united school district with a variety of urban spaces and buildings.

Courtesy of EFFEKT + Rubow

Mixed Use Sports Complex

The sports complex is an entirely new attraction for the whole City. It will combine sports fields with international dimensions, several sports halls, café, exhibition, event area and supporting facilities. To fit the large facility into the urban context it is divided into smaller volumes. Helsingør Sports complex is many houses in one. It can act as four independent houses, each with its own function, and as one single house.

Courtesy of EFFEKT + Rubow

The large multi-purpose hall is located at street level next to the new Sport plaza in close connection to the rest of the city and the school’s new main entrance. The four volumes are all connected by a spatial foyer area, with main entrance from the plaza in front of the building. But you also have the possibility to enter each box individually. A sloping landscape connects the large green area with the school district creating a landscape stair as a canyon between the buildings. This creates a visible and easy connection from the school to the large green area.

Architects: EFFEKT + Rubow
Location: Helsingør, Denmark
Collaborators: RUBOW, Arup, Axel V. Jensen, Lassen Landskab
Consultants: Charlotte Schuldt (School Specialist), Ebbe Kromann-Andersen (School Specialist), Stephane Barbou des Places (Idébureau 2+1), Peter Bäcker Hansen (trafical engineer, ÅF Hansen & Henneberg), Niels V. Jordan (specialist in acoustics at Jordan Akustik)
Client: Municipality of Helsingør
Type: Music School, Sportsl Complex, Transformation plan, sustainable masterplan
Size: 20,000 m2
Status: 1. Prize in Masterplan for the School district; 1. Prize in Mixed use sports complex; 1. Prize in Music School; 1. Prize in Transformation plan
Year: 2012

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