Oscar Niemeyer Takes A Turn For the Worse

After being hospitalized, recovering, being hospitalized again, and then making a near-full recovery (even working from his hospital bed), famed Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer has now taken a sharp turn for the worst.

Rio de Janeiro’s Samaritano Hospital reports that the 104-year old has suffered kidney failure and is bleeding from his digestive tract; he is lucid, but breathing with the aid of machines.

Story via the Huffington Post 

Cite: Quirk, Vanessa. "Oscar Niemeyer Takes A Turn For the Worse" 20 Nov 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=295972>
  • B_Novello

    Can we give this man some dignity and resist the urge to release such detailed updates on his impending death?

  • Emma

    I agree with Novello. Extending Huffington’s tasteless decision to share this news is really disappointing. ArchDaily, wth.

  • the_Dude

    It seems like everything nowadays must be turned into a reality show! It’s incredible the way the world operates now, like info vultures… I agree, let’s leave ON peacefully and go about his family & work life quietly. If it helps to send him get well wishes, then get well!
    He is the “real deal” – the one that really showed the architectural world to believe in yourself and to do what you do the best way you can, and that there was no substitute for passion!

  • xavier

    i don’t think it’s a good way to being continue to proclaim about Niemeyer. we are so sorry to see this type of news again.

  • Willem

    signing up for ArchDaily

  • Moza

    i’d love to meet him :’(

    i am an architecture student at Qatar university and he is my hero

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