Transforming the Bridge Competition Winners

First Place (Tied) / Archilier Architecture; Courtesy of Transforming the Bridge Competition

Results from the Transforming the Bridge Competition for , , are in.  The competition called for an innovative solution for the redevelopment and repurposing of the abandoned Detroit-Superior Bridge.  The brief called for a variety of uses, dedicated pedestrian and bike paths, performance spaces, and landscaping solutions.  Nine projects made the cut…

Join us after the break for a closer look at the winning projects.

First Place (Tied) / Archilier Architecture; Courtesy of Transforming the Bridge Competition

One of the first place proposals,  Archilier Architecture’s Bridgewalk, proposes a connection that promotes year-round activities.  The programmatic functions are divided into three strata and five zones.  Skywalk is a continuous pedestrian pathway that begins at the river edge and guides visitors through the bridge structure for views of downtown Cleveland and Lake Superior.  The bridge has a total of five lateral bridge zones which are linked by the skywalk to the planned Cuyahoga Towpath Trail.    The plan includes new bicycle and pedestrian ramps and connections between the bridge and future riverfront development, outdoor theaters, viewing platforms and a farmers market.

The five-zone Bridgewalk includes various programs for a variety of uses.  The West Catacombs house a train museum, art galleries and shops and are characterized by industrial materials like heavy concrete and existing streetcar rails.  West Concourse is adjacent to a residential neighborhood and provides small shops, parks and observation and performance platforms in a open-air concrete arch constructions.  The Central Span is a a crystalline prism suspended above the Cuyahoga below the existing span, providing a unique location for an urban street theater for impromptu and scheduled performances.  The East Concourse also has a series of open air arches as well as a link between the bridgewalk and the water front in a series of dynamic platforms that house art galleries, food and beverage venues and community rooms.  The East Pools house night clubs, bars and lounges near the downtown’s warehouse district.

First Place (Tied) / Ashley Craig, Edna Ledesma, Jessica Zarowitz; Courtesy of Transforming the Bridge Competition

Superior Point-scape, the other first place winner by Ashley CraigEdna Ledesma and Jessica Zarowitz, proposes a minimal intervention that celebrates the beauty of the bridge structure and incorporates new spaces within the existing structure for exploration and physical activity along the lower level of the Detroit Superior Bridge.  The intervention honors the city’s history, its connection to the natural water systems and the strength of its community roots.   Rainwater is captured and stored to provide water for the urban fishing ponds located within the project.  The water emphasizes the temporality of the space, providing visitors with a tranquil and serene experiential environment on a piece of Cleveland’s history.

Third Place / Moxon Architects; Courtesy of Transforming the Bridge Competition

Moxon Architects’ third place winning proposal sets a new structural element within the existing context, allowing the bridge to be preserved, while new programs thread the the bridge trusses.  The intervention is characterized with distinct plate steel elements that serve permanent programs such as walkways and balustrades.  Other materials are incorporated to box out temporary programs within the existing structure for temporary stages and seating for programs such as a sporting events and art shows.  For additional space, and to preserve the structure of the bridge, the program projects beyond the body of the bridge to provide views of the Cuyahoga and surrounding landscape.

Project Credits:

Two projects tied for first place:

  • Archilier Architecture: Kai Sheng, Donghwan Moon, Changoso Park, Tinxing Tao - New York, NY
  • Ashley Craig, Edna Ledesma, Jessica Zarowitz - Austin, TX

Third Place:

  • Moxon Architects: Ben Addy, Tim Murray, Adam Holicska, Pauline Marcombe, Augustine Ong, Jasper Stevens, Marcus Stokton - London, UK

Honorable Mentions:

  • Nadja Korbut, Anastasia Vaynberg – Russia
  • Lauren McQuistion, Assad Abboud, Mark McQuistion – Washington, DC
  • Brandon Young, Thomas Nester, Gabriel Fey – Lakewood, Ohio
  • Crossboundaries Architects: Binke Lenhardt, Hao Dong, Diego Caro Serrano, Anne-Charlotte Wiklander, Cristina Portoles, Filip Galuszka – Beijing, China
  • Eva Goudron, Mariam Herdam, Chloe Leymarie, Baptiste Manet – Paris, France
  • Danielle Lax, Joshua Graham, Ying Zheng, Yuan Yuan – Syracuse, NY
  • Wurlitzer Architekten GMBH: Gudrun Wurlitzer – Berlin, Germany

Check out the gallery to browse through the boards of the honorable mentions.

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  • krol

    The bridge is not abandoned. In fact it is a major thoroughfare into the central business district from the near west side of Cleveland.
    The long abandoned lower level, which was constructed for the purpose of a subway and streetcar system, is what this competition was meant to address.

  • NativeCLE

    I doubt you could see Lake Superior from any vantage point on this bridge. That would be Lake Erie…

  • Diego

    There’s a small mistake with the images. The panel linked with Brandon Young office is the one made by Crossboundaries.

    Congratulations to the winners!