Pool House / Joaquín Alvado Bañón

  • 26 Oct 2012
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© David Frutos

Architects: Joaquín Alvado Bañón
Location: , Alicante,
Structural Engineer: Miguel Angel Crespo
Collaboration: Vicente Castillo and Miguel Rodenas
Year: 2012
Photographs: David Frutos

© David Frutos

It is a Project that research the relation between architecture and water. We discuss the concept of a private swimming pool with a single house in a low density program in the city. It is a rethinking, in a sustainable way of life, to transform the way of promoting the east side of Spain.

© David Frutos

Dissolving the limits of the city. The city is transformed into architecture; the streets become ramps and water. Architecture twists and turns seeking nature, it looks towards the mountains of Orihuela, and it pokes out above its limitations. It is difficult to differentiate its limits, it is a city but also a landscape, it is a private space but at the same time it takes over a public space of the street. The built parts are reflected and fragmented through the use of reflex glass in the steel carpentries.

© David Frutos

Three personalities and one environment formally, these are three independent volumes fused into one project. Each volume has its own personality and privacy. The meeting points between the parts are made by horizontal and vertical stairs, a “Y” bridge and double heights favoring expected and unexpected relationships. Semi-private and private places for meeting are intertwined as in life itself.

© David Frutos

A pool within the house. There is a pool along the entrance, it is the heart of the project, and it creates an opening and makes the space vibrate in its environment. It swims across the house, crosses the “Y” bridge, illuminates and moistens house’s architecture. Water redefines the house, it isn’t a house with a pool, it is a house and it is a pool. The reflections, brightness and shades are the material used for building the interior space. The pool is not only something essential in the house, but it is the house.

© David Frutos

The bridge is an entrance. The entrance is a bridge that crosses the pool. The steel and glass bridge serves to connect the layouts of the house. The “Y” shape is divided in a horizontal element and another inclined one (stairs). It is an undetermined connection that makes and undoes the ground floor plan. The transitions in the interior float over the orange pool, which is an acid, sweet and wet pleasure.

© David Frutos

The plot is a volume. We didn’t want the work of the project to be based on square meters; we worked with atmospheres since we considered the plot as a volume. Throughout the whole process we sought surroundings, environments, experiences. Coming in and out, waking up in the morning, night time, eating, bathing… occurs inside and outside, between the built area and the exterior. This has been one of the greatest achievements.

© David Frutos

Structural and constructive research. The process was long and exciting. Floating, tightening, leaning, connecting… these are words that came up when thinking about how to resolve the technicalities. The shape exists but one must find it in those processes, it is unknown but it is there. The inflection point is the multidisciplinary work. The result is an approach that tries to determine a program and its relationship with the city.

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  • Tiago

    This pool doesn’t seem inviting at all..

  • Patrick H

    I love this project. It is a creative re-imagining of what an urban house can be. Excellent restrained use of color — everything is gray/neutral except that pool. Also love the abundance of indoor/outdoor spaces. Some of the materials are a bit industrial for my taste, but even that reinforces the experimental nature of the project. Great job.

  • hl

    they could have elevated the pool and make it not look like a ditch