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After a grade school in Sweden, with a very limited budget, contacted Visiondivision to transform their schoolyard, the team decided to use the school’s existing budget for asphalt maintenance as the means to improve the yard.  Limited budgets always pose a challenge for projects, yet the team saw this as the opportunity to experiment with different materials to stay within their monetary restraints. “With the help of the fast growing Swedish bamboo Salix, we managed to create a large visual impact on the boring asphalt yard that also was relatively inexpensive,” explained the architects.

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“A pattern combined from plans of palaces from all over the world is created by tearing away parts of the existing asphalt,” explained the architects.   After removing the vast area of asphalt, the voids were filled with Salix, a material known for its strength, height and  its rapid growth.   The sculpted bamboo forest creates little niches for play areas and larger areas for outdoor teaching when the weather permits.


When the children return to school, the Salix walls of the palace will already reach half their height of 4 meters and create “a magnificent palace to play in and cultivate their imagination”.   And, in twenty five years, the architects have planned to “harvest the Salix and ship it as eco fuel to the nearby heating plant or it can become furniture for the new castle that will rise for the next generation of kids.”

Existing area
Existing area




Type: Client

Status: Under review

Birth:  2008

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Credits: through Anders Berensson & Ulf Mejergren


Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Rapid Palace / Visiondivision" 10 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=28468>
  • Gina Gray

    Brilliant idea! It looks very feasible too.

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  • http://twitter.com/dorukozdemir/status/2569857095 Doruk Özdemir

    Rapid Palace / Visiondivision:
    After a grade school in Sweden, with a very limited budget, contacted Visiondivi.. http://bit.ly/40qNF

  • Hertz

    Just love the strong and fun concepts from this firm!

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  • Godwina

    sweet project, magic and mystic!

  • http://www.panamarq.wordpress.com PanamArq

    cool that they are making a play area out of bamboo.. 10 times cooler that they are using plans for palaces!!

  • http://twitter.com/arnomoos/status/2572583588 Arno Moos

    Rapid Palace / Visiondivision | ArchDaily: “With the help of the fast growing Swedish bamboo Salix, we managed t.. http://bit.ly/FfG9A

  • http://www.tallerveinticuatro.com Ulises

    Vision Division Rocks! That´s the kind of architecture thinking our world needs.

  • Maniac

    just wow!

  • Dara

    my utmost respect to visiondivision!

  • mike diaz

    visiondivision just continues to do admirable projects, far away from what is expected and dare to stand out as true genius. respect to you and stay strong, the world needs you!

  • http://www.ateliermaterial.blogspot.com mario

    how old are the kids? not too safe i reckon

  • Mark

    thumbs up for the project and the architects behind it, they always keep surprising me. Inspiring!

  • shruti

    wonderful..simply fantastic!

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  • Keita Kader

    A very well executed concept, great!

  • sarah


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  • CrazySwedish

    Will this guys ever built anything?
    Ok, some people might say “wow!”, “wonderful”… what’s wonderful about creating dust garbages, with bamboo where the kids will disappear?
    “Kids, let’s go in… it’s the end of the break! ah, ups.. there’ one missing!?!?! Where is him???”

    interior render of the garden looks ok, but..when in life it will get dense like that? Just create crazy concepts it’s not the way of “creating” Architecture. It has to be useful and designed to really exhist!

    • Casper

      Let me guess, you work at a really boring firm right?
      Stop hating great ideas, try to create some on your own.

      • CrazySwedish

        You mean boring by things that work? In an international office where nobody is older than 32 years old, invited to exhibit at modern art museums?

        ok, see u when they really manage to built something, not only rendering..

  • anna

    I really this project! Perhaps because it works and with a very small budget! Hey crazy Swede what Swedish office are you working on?(an international office where nobody is older than 32 years old) visiondivision perhaps:)? Dont worry be happy!