Lido Line Competition Entry / [Y/N] Studio

  • 28 Oct 2012
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Designed for the Landscape Institute Ideas Competition for a ‘Highline for ’, the Lido Line proposal is a clean, safe ‘basin’ in which to swim. Designed by [Y/N] Studio, the project flips the Regents Canal back to its original purpose, connecting raw materials (people/workers) to the place of production, making swimming a viable alternative to cycling or walking to work. The Lido Line would form a new network for London, making existing spaces greater than the sum of their parts, rather than blindly multiplying under-used, functionless ‘green space’. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of [Y/N] Studio
London doesn’t need more green space. 38% of the capital is already green or open space. Might London’s canals help to curate existing forgotten or underused green spaces, kickstarting re-generation in their wake. The city’s canals have lost their original purpose. Built for work they used to carry materials across the length and breadth of London to places of industry. This purpose is largely defunct with the canal being now a place of leisure rather than a place of commerce.

Courtesy of [Y/N] Studio
The routes could be formed by a breathable, multi-layered membrane, filtering detritus and bacteria at decreasing scales. This system is being pioneered by the ‘+Pool’, a project for a public swimming pool in the Hudson, NYC. Biodiversity and cleanliness would be further improved by incorporating oxygenating reeds in key locations. So, the question becomes, could you swim from little Venice to Limehouse?

Architects: [Y/N] Studio
Location: Regents Canal, London, UK
Project Team: Alex Smith + David Lomax
Client: Landscape Institute Ideas Competition for a “Highline for London”
Status: Shortlisted, Winner announced October 8
Size: 15km
Date: 2012

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