Two Houses / BAUEN

  • 09 Oct 2012
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© Mónica Matiauda

Architects: BAUEN
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Aldo Cristaldo Kegler
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 600 sqm
Photographs: Marcelo Jiménez, Mónica Matiauda

Section 01

We design in an exposed and desolate plane, without limits, for this reason we fold the base plane and we generate the “refuge”, we understand that the main feature of dwell is the care, and the essence of building is letting dwell*.

© Mónica Matiauda

We contain the space by the fold of the base plane, without the occurrence of a foreign object, so the dwelling are incubated in their wrinkles, respecting the environment and making that the green be continuous, with their corrugations allowing the preservation of the inhabitant’s intimacy, where these folds are broken, the accesses are generated, in double height and topped by a fragment of sphere like a roof. The “Culata Yovai” is ready and disposed in his “tekoha”. *Martin Heidegger (Building, dwelling, thinking)

© Mónica Matiauda
© Mónica Matiauda
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    The arched roof that serves both aesthetically and functionally . It links the house’s form with the hill mound while its cantilever serves invites indirect natural light in and creates shaded outdoor spaces around. The use of natural stone inside adds warmth and intimacy and makes a connection between the outside and the inside.

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    I like the project of this house, the design of the roof give sense motion of movement and vary good connection with the site. Visual connection shown by using natural material. To give feeling of nature from inside and outside by strong connation with nature which is good!!!

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