Remodeling Molinao Park / VAUMM

  • 02 Oct 2012
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  • Urban Design
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VAUMM shared with us their first prize winning proposal in the competition for the remodeling of Molinao Park and the location of a covered and open fronton in . Their design pretends to be the continuity of the park situated along the riverside and the eastern end of the town to the highway and Don Bosco slope. The fronton (sports space) is situated at the southern end of the park, next to the pedestrian access from the Oarso street bridge, so that releases the largest area of the open space to the north, near the train viaduct and the possible accesses through it to create a space which allows the use of it with temporary uses. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of VAUMM

The equipment answers to the level difference at the southern end and it emerges as the closing volume of the slopes of the park, so the top of the building reduce its height and therefore its impact, to be well integrated forming the highest part of the park topography. In the same way the bleachers of the fronton are raised in continuity with the green areas of the boulevard and a green fold hides the level difference resolved with those bleachers. The idea pretends to plant some trees in the green area which may create shadow on the bleachers formalizing an area that is part of the fronton and the park at the same time.

Courtesy of VAUMM

From the point of view of landscaping, the proposal works on the continuity of the boulevard’s wooded along the riverside. The position of the fronton and the bleachers allows the creation of a green area that connects transversely the riverside and the slopes which face to the path San Markos.

site plan

Next to train’s viaduct, the final ordination generates a space of opportunities for temporary uses demanded by the population. The connectivity of this platform is resolved through the existing bridge. As an added option, two more accesses are proposed under the existing viaduct that would improve the connection for service vehicles and would give the chance to remove the existing bridge over the river.


The proposal pretends to continue working on Molinao river’s redevelopment, planting own marsh plant communities along the riverside. The goal is to recover the original herbaceous of riversides achieving a natural and low-maintenance image.

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A mixed deciduous and perennial wooded, protects the park from the highway, creating with the trees an acoustic and visual screen. The chosen trees make dynamic the wooded and change their color in every season keeping the same density during the whole year. The transition between the vegetation and the pavement is achieved by concrete blocks and grass.

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