Clubhouse in Hoensbroek / MoederscheimMoonen Architects

Architects: MoederscheimMoonen Architects
Location: Hoensbroek,
Collaborator: Moonen Bouwkundig Advies
Project team: Erik Moederscheim, Ruud Moonen
Client: Soccer club FC Hoensbroek, Hoensbroek
Project: Clubhouse
Gross floor space: 726 sqm
Cost: € 700.000
Project year: July 2006
Photographs: Luuk Kramer

For an amateur soccer club in Hoensbroek, a new a clubhouse was designed by MoederscheimMoonen Architects. The fundamental idea behind the design was the overview over the sports fields for an optimal soccer experience. The building lies in between two pitches. In the design, the center line of the main field is used as the center line of the building. The main floor has been placed at 60 cm above ground level housing the representative spaces, such as the committee room and the club canteen. The other parts of the program are located on the lower ground floor, which is accessible through the main entrance. From this floor, the fields can be reached via the steps at the backside of the building. The 60 cm lifted floor generates informal moments for young players to hangout on and unfolding itself as a terrace at the back of the building from where to view both sports fields. Clear shapes and outlines have been chosen, which are amplified by the minimalistic details and the use of plain materials such as brickwork, concrete, wood and glass.

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    建筑师: MoederscheimMoonen 建筑师事务所
    地点: 荷兰, Hoensbroek
    合作者: Moonen Bouwkundig Advies
    项目小组: Erik Moederscheim, Ruud Moonen
    客户: Hoensbroek, Hoensbroek足球俱乐部
    项目: 会所
    总建筑面积: 726平方米
    造价: € 700000 欧元
    项目年代: 2006年7月
    摄影: Luuk Kramer