Video: Darwin Martin House / Frank Lloyd Wright

based artist and director Jonathan Turner highlights the details of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House (1903-05) in , New York. Part of a multi-structure estate, the Martin House serves as a prime example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie House ideal, with strong horizontal lines and planes, deeply overhanging eaves, a central hearth, prominent foundation, and a sheltering, cantilevered roof. Although the complex suffered considerable damage over the decades, the Martine House Restoration Corporation (MHRC) has raised funds for a complete restoration of the complex, which began in 1997 and continues on today.

Screen Shot
Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Video: Darwin Martin House / Frank Lloyd Wright" 10 Sep 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
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  • Rob Barros

    Lovely camerawork, done with great care! The music certainly is good and fitting such formal living and the visual composition.

    Honestly, the editing “as is” does not “visually” complete a coherent thought; whether content-respective, or artistically… This piece feels disjointedly yanked from something larger. While long dissolves often add smoothness to an edit, I found two in this particular piece – distracting. Specifically, the vertical shots along the greenhouse ceiling, and the dissolve to the trim spiraling around a corner.

    Personally, I hope to see some of the living spaces treated with this same manner of photography.

    Please know this critique is meant with the “best intent” and merely, a third set of eyes for improvement.

    I look forward to the completed piece!

  • Emiliano Rossi

    I like the video, I like Lloyd Wright, but please, somebody tell me which music is this!!
    I heard it already, most probably was in a ballet.
    Cannot find the info.

    • Emiliano Rossi

      ops, ehm…Beethoven, Symphony Nº 7