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The basic idea of the City Hall and Cultural Center building by MTF Proje was based on the surrounding of the building, which is mostly captured with green areas. Half of the building is designed just under the green land which is coherent due to the topography. Here in Adana Çukurova, the building is designed due to the human scale. The building is consisted of a four story city hall, a culture center which has the capacity of nearly 500 people, a city library, a wedding place, city information center and the ateliers. More images and architects’ description after the break.

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The completion area was set close to Belediye Evleri Residential Area. The site is between north and north settlements of the residential area. According to the design the all area between these two residential cores is designed as a City Park. The building is set at the side of the City Park in order to get an undisturbed green land. The culture center is designed below ground level because of its mass.

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The city hall is separated from the culture center because of function. The City hall, culture center and the presidential areas got different entrances. The meeting area of the city hall is separated from the main body of the building. It’s clad with wood which makes it different from the other parts of the building. The meeting area of the city hall represents the general image of the residents who live inside the border of Adana Çukurova municipality.

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The inside of the building is designed due to the function and the sustainability. Adana Çukurova has a hot climate. The natural air ventilation and the natural light is used in order to reduce the energy need. The atrium place divides the building into to two which helps the building work like a courtyard. The green roof also reduces the need of energy need for cooling the inner spaces.

Courtesy of MTF Proje

The results of the architectural competition of the city hall and cultural center – Adana Çukurova was declared on 23th November 2011. There used to be 100 competitors who participated from all aroun Turkey. The president of the competition jury was Celal Abdi Güzer from Middle East Technical University. Derya Ekim Öztepe and Ozan Öztepe’s project got the first degree. The construction drawings of the design are prepared by MTF proje. At the end of July 2012 the construction of the building began

Architects: MTF Proje
Location: Adana Çukurova, Turkey
Team: Derya Ekim Oztepe (Y. Mimar/ Ma. Architect), Ozan Oztepe (Y. Mimar/ Ma. Architect), Deniz Cubukcu (İç Mimar/Interior Architect), Umut Sert (Mimar/Architect), Zsofia Torok (Mimar/Architect), Elcin Alpar (Mimar/Architect)
Consultants: Oguz Uner (İnşaat Mühendisi/ Civil Engineer), Suleyman Akim (Makine Mühendisi/ Mechanical Eng.), Yilmaz Ograli (Elektrik Mühendisi/Electrical Engineer)
Project Type: Municipality Building and Cultural Center
Project Area: 17,000 m2
Land Area: 12,900 m2
Competition Project Date: November 2011
Construction Project Date: November 2011-March 2012

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