The Connor Group Headquarters / Moody Nolan

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Located adjacent to the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport near Springboro, , the new headquarters for The Connor Group, a real estate investment firm, The Connor Group, will serve as an iconic statement for their brand. The firm came to Moody Nolan to design a world-class headquarters facility which capitalizes on the newest technologies and environmental planning ideas for the progressive company. T he nine-acre site will accommodate the new headquarters and is mastered planned for a future 10,000 square feet aircraft hanger. The two-story building will enclose approximately 39,000 square feet in its initial development with a planning addition of another. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Moody Nolan

The building contains a central atrium space providing all employees with access to natural light. Designed to LEED standards in accordance with the US Green Building Council, the building also stresses a number of sustainable design features including storm water management, rainwater harvesting, recycled materials, and optimized energy performance.

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    Natural light is a great thing, not a design flaw. I’d say it’s a very sharp design. The Connor Group has a great building for the future.

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    Dave, you are correct that natural light is great, with one little caveat…too much of it is a bad thing in buildings where people expect temperatures to remain constantly within the range for human comfort.

    I do think it’s a decent design for the area, but the R-2 glazing and high potential for glare suggest the area of glazing could be brought down a bit while still achieving a strong design move, optimal light levels, lower cost, and better energy performance.

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