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  • 16 Aug 2012
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Founded 30 years’ ago by one of Taiwan’s most respected architects, J. J. Pan & Partners has been steadfastly pursuing its vision of creating lasting, beautiful architecture that is appropriate to its role, harmonious with its time and place, and that best expresses the cultural, social and technological environment. A must have companion to the original J.J. Pan and Partners title, this publication is fully illustrated with photographs and plans of J.J. Pan’s most interesting projects.

The diversity of projects the multi-award-winning architectural firm has been involved in include master planning and urban design for residential communities, college campuses, and industrial parks; building design for housing complexes, high-tech industrial plants, office buildings, research laboratories, educational and health care facilities; and landscape and interior design.


006 A Critical And Innovative Engagment / Shih-wei Lo
012 What I have learned witnessing the evolution of J.J. Pan and Partners / Nancy Lin (AIA)
014 Sustainability, Professionalism and Discourse

022 Horizon Design Shangai Office
034 ZyXEL R&D Campus
042 Kingyorker Headquarters
048 Taipei Street Furniture Design
052 TSMC Fab 12 , Phase 4
058 Test Research Inc. (TRI) Headquarters
064 Dingpu MRT Station
070 Sanya Tropical Resort Hotel

078 MediaTek Headquarters
090 Lien Hwa Headquarters
100 Pegatron Shangai Campus
110 Gymnasium, Chinese Culture University
118 ZyXEL Recreation Center
124 Fleur de Chine Hotel, Sun Moon Lake
134 Neo Solar PowerOffice Building Complex
140 Huga Fab III and Headquarters Building
146 IMPAX Lab Taiwan Plant Phase

154 Church of Suang-Lien Center for the Elderly
164 Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT Stations
172 Research Building, College of Medicine at FU Jen Catholic University
178 School Buildings, Ginling Girls’ High School
184 Research Headquarters, National Chengchi University
188 Ningbo Industrial Design & Creative Center Project
194 Stockholm  Library
198 HTC R&D Project
202 Quanta Display Inc. (QDI) R&D Center Project
206 Taiwan Dramatic Arts Center Project
212 Flagship Building, Huashan Cultural Creative Center
220 National Taichung Digital Library

226 Pass it on / Joshua Jih Pan (FAIA)
230 An Organic Office / Jack Kuo
234 Biographies
240 Awards and Honors
242 Chronological List of Selected Buildngs
250 Project Credits
254 Acknowledgments
255 Index
256 Office Locations

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