Giveaway: Three copies of ‘Draw Me a House’

Thanks to the courtesy of Cicada Books, we are giving you the chance to win this amazing and entertaining book: (see our review here). We have 3 copies of the book and all you have to do to participate is become a registered user (if you’re not one already) and answer the following question in our comments:

When did you first know that you wanted to become an architect and why?

You have until Thursday 23 to submit your answer. Winners will be announced and contacted next Friday 24. Good luck!

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  • Lombard Delport

    When I was 11 years old, my dad and granddad developed a big apartment building in the small seaside town of Mossel Bay where I grew up. The drawings fascinated me and I was on site everyday after school to study them and experience how the building grew out of the ground. It was during that time that I decided I wanted to be part of that magical process and become an architect. I finished my studies in 1995.

  • Tyler Blazer

    I knew that I had always thought of becoming an architect since I was in middle school but after taking many classes in the arts and sciences during high school I fully realized how fitting architecture would be as a marriage of both of those areas.

  • Edgar Martinez

    It was during the summer before my senior year of High School. I had been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life all summer but none of the typical stuff interested me. And towards the end of the summer I was cleaning out some things in my room and I came across some old hand drawings I had done (included some 2D and 3D objects and things of that nature) for a class I had taken. I remembered how easy and almost natural those drawings came to me, and also remembered my teacher telling me over and over I would be a great drafter or architect. After thinking about it I looked back and realized all the things I used to do that I enjoyed (like running around with a graphing notebook drawing floorplans and helping my father, a carpenter at the time, whenever I could). After that it was a logical choice. Even to this day I dont regret it.

  • Kathleen Trujillo

    I hadn’t noticed at the time, but every year since I was 8, I saved my birthday and Christmas money to remodel my room. I would paint it, buy new comforters and even alter the millwork (at age 12)! When my father was gone on business trips, my mother and I would tear a wall down in the house and completely gut a room. It was a huge treat!!

    My mother still has a lot of my sketches!

  • Filippo De Francesco

    When in high school I was presented with a number of design by Frank Lloyd Wright and introduced to the concept of organic architecture. Then my illuminated art history teacher brought us around Venice, Italy, to show us the work of Carlo Scarpa. Seeing light, materials, proportions, space, technlogy and change all reunited under one coordinating concept, architecture, made me think I wanted to be a part of all this.

  • matteo colombo

    i never knew. i just was.

  • matteo colombo

    i never knew. i just was. :)

  • Songmi Kim

    When i was 12 years old!! I have been dreaming to be an architect for 10 years and finally i got to study architecture last year!

  • camila ibacache

    When i was 18 and realized that our environment and what surrounds us could be better with the correct idea of design. that you can do anything and it will remain forever and for everyone, architecture is magic.

    • Sean Rivard

      Wow same with me. At the same age after watching The 11th Hour. There are a few architects who speak in that movie and they have directed me into this profession. I have just graduated from an Architectural Technology program and next step in to continue on to University. Long Live Architecture :P

  • Thiago Schiavoni

    I was studying engineering and I saved some money from my internship for two years to backpack around Europe. After spend 21 days, throw 13 cities in 7 countries I realized that all I want to be was an architect. Buildings, Urban planning and incredible design made understand what I really want to do for my life. I was just 22 years old – january 2004.

  • Sheng Sun

    I walked in a bookstore with some friends when I was about to graduate from high school. And we were talking about what we wanted to do for the college, I was not quite sure before that. Then I thought about it, I thought physics was my best subject in high school and I liked drawing sketches, after a few seconds of thinking. I told my friends, I wanted to study architecture. And now, to be honest, I don’t really want only to be an architect.

  • Lizzie Boyle

    I knew when I was six and I would steal elevations and floor plans from my mother, who was an interior designer. I’d take them up to my drafting table and trace over them, adding extravagant details and rooms of my imagination. Then, on my 8th birthday I asked to be taken to MoMA and stayed in the architecture exhibit for hours. I knew then that I wanted to contribute to the art world in a way that would be visible for all classes of people and that the architecture of this world belonged to the people not just the elite.

  • cristina calleri

    when I was at middle school, I realized that I was interested by almost everything that surrounded me. I knew in my future I’d have needed something that would been able to challenge me all the time with new questions and problems which still don’t have a defined and unique solution, and that would have always asked me to go deeper into my knowledges and discoveries in every field, from art to mechanics… always with a big stoke of immagination and willingness for new challenges!

  • Allan Hinton

    I am not an architect although I have always wished I was… :(

  • Kaat De Sutter

    When I was a little kid, I saw for the first time my grandfather’s drawings (who was also an architect). They looked so beautiful. When I saw later pictures of amazing buildings in architecture books I decided I wanted to become an architect. I started drawing plans of my own dream houses and made little constructions of it myself. Now I’m studying ‘Civil engineering Architecture’ at the university for my first year. It’s a lot of work but I don’t regret my choice. I love doing this and I’m sure I want to do this the rest of my life.

  • Luis Vega

    When I saw an architect in a soap opera in the TV, when I was a kid…I loved how everyone seems to look up to him…and how nice he dressed!!

    I now have my own firm…though I haven´t decided yet if I will be an actor too… I still have that awesome feeling!!

    • Kinga

      Really? I am just like you! xD
      I just love both architecture and acting.I would love to be an actor, but I think that architecture is more like doing something for people, whereas acting is doing something for yourself…

  • Maby

    When I was 17, almost at the end of high school, I always loved drawing, but I never approached architecture, when I had to choose the university considered the possibility of becoming an architect, I leafed through magazines, read books , and I fell in love. Now is the second year of the Faculty of Architecture of Reggio Calabria, I hope to become a great architect!

  • Sang Jung Kim

    When I was 12 years old, I moved to a small town near Chicago. The skyline of Chicago downtown fascinated me and I started to dream about becoming an architect who can participate in improving the skyline of many cities. As I grew older, I learned about more humanistic sides of architecture and the main reason for becoming an architect gradually changed. Now, I want to become an architect who can bring communication and interaction between different social groups through architecture.

  • Haluk Ermis

    Lego house construction was my best boyhood play.
    When I learnt houses originally built by the architect I decided to become an architect.
    I was 10 or 11 years old.

  • Stephanie Fischler

    When i was four years old, i drew my first houses. And all through my childhood i drew plans of my dream house and built houses with cloth, sticks and cardboards.
    And when i had to decide whether i go to university or not, i decided to study architecture.
    I finished my studies this summer 2012.

  • Gesthimani Roumpani

    It may sound funny but, I was 9. I had been taking painting and drawing lessons for years and knew I wanted to do something creative in my life. The first time I said I wanted to be an architect was when a friend introduced me to The Sims(!), haha. Growing up though, my love for architecture got bigger and of course more mature. Being a senior architecture student now, I can assure my 9 year old self that Rhinoceros is far better than… The Sims!

  • Graig Donnelly

    In the seventh grade, our whole class was assigned a short research report on an American president whose names we all had to draw out of a hat. I drew Thomas Jefferson and, before long, a 7-page assignment had grown to nearly fifteen pages. I was hooked, completely intrigued by the inventor, farmer, politician, and ARCHITECT. I immediately started drawing plans for houses for myself, my family, my friends… The following summer my grandparents took my younger sister and I on road trip from Detroit, MI, to Jefferson’s homes in Virginia and Washington D.C. to encourage my interests.

  • mathilde

    I’m still not sure that I am one…

  • Hélène Genest

    I knew I wanted to become an architect when I was studying natural science and failing because I would spend more time reading about architecture and admiring buildings then in laboratories. When I talked to my dad about droping my science classes and going for architecture, he turned around and left the room…only to come back and give me my first architecture book ever :)

  • Carolina

    I always thought i would become a lawyer.

    One day before appling i woke up, and realized y would become someone i wouldn’t like and that i would live unhappy, arguing with my head and my beliefs constantly.

    I then knew i wanted to be an architect. I love the atmosphere, the ideas exchange, the open mind to different places and cultures, wouldn’t change it for nothing. I am in love with the posibilities my career gives me, i can change, i can grow.

  • Ricardo Pires

    was about 4 years old. Was in a construction site with my grandfather. He put me a brick in my hands. I asked him what would i do with it. The awser was, “u’re the architect, u tell me”…Well since then that was in my mindo, what to do with it…my life changed and i become an architect.

  • Ping Lee

    as i concluded my first semester of architecture education in the public university. saw that all the things i learnt and all the things i DIDN’T learn intrigued tremendously and meant so much to me. i’ll never wanna stop the inquiry process that architecture has introduced me with.

  • Alicia Liebel

    Knew I was gonna be an architect when I spent more time as a 5 year old going through home remodel before and afters in Better Homes and Garden’s Magazines than anything else. I was so obsessed with floor plans at an early age!

  • Kate Dalit

    when i was in third year high school together with my bestfriend, since we both love to draw. We decided to take Architecture. Yet we are far from each other nowadays,still I remember that aside from the fact that I love to design and draw, we both dream to do these long time ago :)

  • Flynn Carr

    When researching architecture in year 10 design and stumbling across the works of Santiago Calatrava and Rem Koolhaas, and because I have always been creative, strongly opinionated and obsessed with having control haha