Video: Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

  • 04 Aug 2012
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As a collaborative effort involving urban designers, architects, economists, and developers, the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan was assembled as a video to present to the public. Led by the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) in , which is part of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA), the plans for the central city rebuild was released earlier this week as a response to the earthquake sequence in Canterbury which destroyed most of the building stock in the CBD. This distinctive, vibrant, and green 21st century city has been met with overall positive feedback, which demonstrates the importance of shared ideas on rebuilding after natural disasters. On a global scale, all cities ad towns are at risk for natural disasters, and as many of us know, preparation is key to recovery. Like the video above, the power of public opinion can really have a major impact on these types of plans and give us both a feasible and optimistic view of the future.


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  • John

    Very average. Especially given the scope that this plan has to work with.

    • Frosty

      It’s not that bad – it sets out some pretty robust ideas about where key elements will be located and what the want to achieve, and overall it’s still a pretty broad-brush approach which is all that is needed. The city will evolve as buildings start going up.
      I’m not sure what this wonderful ‘scope’ is that you refer to. A city of rubble on unstable ground prone to liquifaction, residents that still cling to their identity and memories of what the city was, core businesses that might never – or will be hard to convince – to return to the CBD, a small population base (no doubt smaller since the quakes) and limited funds to draw on for redevelopment. The whole feasibility of rebuilding the city is considered questionable by many.
      Okay heaps of scope if you are a student and looking for an epic project to propel you into stardom – but the real issues aren’t so easy.
      Absolutely a difficult canvas with a lot of constraints and therefore loads of potential for designers to sink their teeth into and problem solve.
      If you were expecting a whole lot more out of a basic planning vision you are in a fantasy world. Have to start somewhere and while not perfect I think this plan is nice and broad and leaves a tonne of room for Architects and others to flex their design muscles over the next decade or so to create something out of nothing.