Brisbane Indesign Installation / BVN Architecture

  • 28 Jul 2012
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  • Art Installation mini
© Christopher Frederick Jones Photography

In collaboration with Space Furniture, BVN Architecture designed this unique installation for the 2012 Bisbane Indesign. ‘The Project’ was inspired by the theme, Exploring the Common Thread, and resulted in a spectrum of color expressed through cotton yarn poised in a frozen geometric form. Drawn under tension the geometry is justified to fit within the constraints of the existing spatial condition.

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© Christopher Frederick Jones Photography

Twelve different colors were used to create the rainbow spectrum with each point of the geometry holding five lengths of yarn, in total over 16 kilometers used. The form concentrates on the central area of the upper floor room, defining a position of importance for conversation and audience.

Using traditional knitting yarn as the common thread, the team challenged societies inherent understanding of the material’s quality and allowed for a different interpretation of its traditional use.

Soft becomes taut.
Private becomes public.
Singular becomes mass.

© Christopher Frederick Jones Photography
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  • Gabriella Frigenti

    Wow, this is incredible. Who was the architect?

  • up_today_arch

    The idea is very strong! But not developed enough…

  • Samuel AB

    Haha, good luck changing the lamps from the light fixtures above :D

  • Sajjad Mohit

    This is very nice.
    Ilike it.
    good luck