Dongjiang Harbor Master Plan / HAO + Archiland

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The Dongjiang Master Plan proposal by HAO (Holm Architecture Office) + Archiland Beijing includes 280,000 square meters of residential development, with 40,000 square meters of mixed-use office, retail, and public space. The design evolves around the prime beach location with a central pedestrian boardwalk that services both the low and midrise residential housing blocks. The central boardwalk runs parallel to the beach, creating views of the water while taking the visitor through areas of gardens and retail within the new development. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of HAO + Archiland

The site is situated within the Binhai area, 60 kilometers outside of the city of Tianjin in Northern on a newly developed section of the coastline. The dune-shaped residential development is designed to maximize sunlight, assuring that each apartment receives a minimum of two hours of direct sunlight daily, while optimizing views from the individual apartments as well as natural ventilation.

Courtesy of HAO + Archiland

The western edge of the site provides vehicular access with drop offs as well as access to below-ground parking areas freeing up the interior of the site to pedestrians, while the northern part of the site is developed as a mixed-use office and retail development.

Courtesy of HAO + Archiland

“With the Dongjiang Masterplan we aimed to develop a housing typology that allows for high density while emulating the natural surroundings of the site. The dune shape buildings create unique apartment layouts, all with direct sunlight, natural cross ventilation and direct connections to the adjacent sea and beach,” said Jens Holm, founder HAO / Holm Architecture Office.

Architects: HAO (Holm Architecture Office) and Archiland Beijing
Location: Tianjin, Binhai, China
Program: Residential, Office, Commercial and Landscape
Type: Invited Competition
Size: 280.000 M2 residential, 40.000 M2 Mixed Use Office & Retail

Cite: Furuto, Alison. "Dongjiang Harbor Master Plan / HAO + Archiland" 14 Jul 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 Mar 2015. <>
  • adl architetto

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  • rkm

    Agree with adl architetto…The Chinese were always good at copying what the western world did and replicate it on a much larger scale…
    yeah this one is much BIGger…haha

    • Zachory X

      Though it’s located in China, the leading architect HAO is actually danish.

    • Zachory X

      Though it’s located in China, the leading architect is actually danish.

    • Zachory X

      Though it’s located in China, the architect is actually Danish.