The Architecture of Star Wars

Many of us, long before we even knew about architecture dreamed about a fantastic world in a galaxy far far away. Nowadays, continue to surprise people all around the world, and we can now see the movie with a different eye. Perhaps, the architect’s eye.

At The Architect’s Journal, they selected the best Star Wars buildings. The top ten, after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "The Architecture of Star Wars" 16 Jun 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 15 Sep 2014. <>


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    Is it a coincidence that I’m working for the Empire currently on the design of the third Death Star?

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    Its nice to see a light heart side of architecture. The star wars universe is a orgy of great concepts and art.
    Loved reading about this cause its made me smile:)

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    By the way, I tried that mind choking trick once with a client. didn´t work. didn’t get the job either.

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    As soon as I saw Jabba the Hutt’s palace, it reminded me of the “Hakka Tulou” in Fujian, China. ( If you check out the link and the pictures, I’m sure you’ll agree!

    So maybe the makers of Star Wars got their inspiration for these famous homes/communities that continue to house up to 80 families each, have been designated a collective UNESCO World Heritage Site, AND were mistaken for missile silos by the U.S. in the past!

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      Great design is not limited to the hallowed halls of architecture, elitist snob. You’re boring.

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    Who was the team who actually did these designs, did they employ actual architects?

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    to mazanet: yes, of course; real architects, real engineers, real drawing boards, real buildings !!!

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    Dan, Mazanet actually asks a fairly intelligent question.

    For many years Lucas was hiring Architects, or designers with architectural educations. This was at its height when the majority of architecture students were graduating with a high level of three dimensional modeling skills, around 1995-2000, but was a tendency in their hiring both before an after this peak as well.

    It is highly likely that some of the team members on designs shown above had some architectural education or experience.

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    While in the real world it’s “The Architecture of Style Wars”. Off reality, these architecture does not seem to endorse any kind of fashionable postmodernism. The argument is rather that there are many ways of recognising cultural groups marking the end of hegemony. These teleological dreams will end as the winners.

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    Gosh suddenly i’ve just realized, unconsciously..these are the buildings that inspired me to do architecture since age

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    Intresting, well most of the ideas have obvious relations as acient, to present and futuristic approaches appear to have sustainable strategies incroporated. Is just the needs of every era that transform these strategies. Successful design is the one that cover the needs.

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    The Tatooine dwellings are not ‘reminiscent’ of the granaries in Tunisia, they are one and the same thing.

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