Video: Three Little Worlds

  • 27 Jun 2012
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Chicago-based architecture practice Bureau Spectacular has converted The Architecture Foundation’s Project Space into a pop-up living space and installation made up of a graphic sequence of imaginary worlds entitled Three Little Worlds (we featured the project as a kickstarter). Jimenez Lai, the architecture practice’s founder, shows us around the space, where he has set camp, something which he has done before having lived and worked in a desert shelter in Taliesen and resided in a shipping container at Atelier Van Lieshout on the piers of Rotterdam. Here, he tells about his love of comics and cartoon, which is apparent in his installation and the interchangeable realities of the spectator and the performer, and demonstrates how to navigate his “giant comic book.” Three Little Worlds runs till 25 August at The Architecture Foundation.

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  • Cyrus Atkins

    OH!!! I get it!! The pink one is where he sits. uses his laptop and reads books, the blue one is where he uses his laptop,sits and drinks coffee, and the yellow one is the one that he rests his pens on and sits in!! Thank you Mr. Jimenez for showing just what architecture can be and how one can truly live life to the fullest…

  • Ryan

    This is incredibly bad, the worst kind of design [and not architecture].
    OK – the idea of having little spaces to sit in which are fun shaped could potentially make the 6 year old inside all of us happy, but I hate when things like this are post-rationalized to this extent.

    If you really want to draw comics, then draw comics. Stop giving the rest of us architects and designers a bad name.