Brazilian Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010 / Fernando Brandão

AsBEA (Brazilian Association of the Offices of Architecture) and APEX (Brazilian Agency of Promotion of Exports and Investments) have announced the winning project to represent in the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Architect Fernando Brandão won with a design based on the “Pulsing Cities” of Brazil. The inverted parenthesis on the facade represent that pulsation.

The structure will feature recycled wood painted green which will be leaned on a metallic structure. You can find more information here (in Portuguese). More images after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Brazilian Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010 / Fernando Brandão" 11 Jun 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 19 Sep 2014. <>


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      Unfortunally Mathias – THINGS HERE ARE NOT EXPOSED OR SHOWED IN PUBLIC!!!!!!!
      Pure politics!!!!!


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    No es por nada, pero yo con 20 minutos en sketchup hubiese sacado mejores imágenes.

    Triste el llevarme esa imagen de brasil habiendo tan buenos arquitectos en esa tierra… Donde están Marcio Kogan, Mendes da Rocha, el mismo Niemeyer. Triste el ver esto habiendo visto las obras de los anteriores.

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    Not that I like the building, but the idea has very much substance if taken as far as it goes.. Imagine a building about interagtion between strangers with football and architecture as medium. Not that i ever been there but I imange that would give a little taste of the spirit in brazil..
    Of corse the national team would play there at the opening:)

    Instead it’s a UGLY lump featuring a crapy exhibition with a layout like a teenagegirl’s horse-magazine..

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    Meu deus! Sai da arquitetura! Não é para você!

    Why do you guys publish this stuff!

    So bad! He must be ashamed! Im sorry for him…

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    I like the big sign. This is a pavilion for Brazil yeah?

    So I am skeptical as the other posters. May I ask what people from Brazil would like to see represent them at the Expo? Can I also how you would reflect this in a pavilion design?

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    This looks like a RAID product with all of those little ants milling about.

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    Dear readers. I want to inform you that there´s a big controversy in Brazil because of this project. The competition for this project was restricted, and was kept very low until this announcement.

    We are all aware of the excellent work that old architects and young practices have been doing in Brazil, and I´m pretty sure that an open competition would have turned out way better.

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    es horrendo, parece trabajo de kinder… si el proyecto es una porqueria.. por lo menos que hagan unos buenos renders…

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    Looks like the rainforests they clearcut, eliminating the planet’s primary source of oxygen.

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      viniruski, the planet’s primary source of oxygen is sea plankton.

      Now, this is a sad, shameful project. It’s probably the result of improvisation, bad management and loose ethics, so rampant in that contry…so glad I moved out of there!

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    I´m my opinion, I think it should be an architect selected through an open competition.

    But on a personal aspect, I wish that competition was awarded to MMBB (Milton Braga, etc), SPBR (Angelo Bucci) or Grupo SP (Alvaro Puntoni). These Sao Paulo practices have been doing a good work in the last few years, and they are very good going back and forth working together, establishing a local scene. And in that sense, I think they can deliver something that is closer to the brazilian architecture heritage.

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    Esta proposta de “arquitetura” está totalmente de acordo com a identidade visual da copa do mundo de 2014, ou seja: Para um projeto gráfico abaixo da crítica, um espaço igualmente ruim.
    Parece até que não temos profissionais para resolver este problemas com a categoria necessária. O Design e a Arquitetura brasileira não mereciam nada disto.

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    I Guess Brasil run over the budget (cause the soccer world championship 2014) for the pavillion and this is the best they could do.
    Maybe they should contract an architect for the design.

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    I’m really ashamed. Brazil has better architects than this one. For sure, much better projects didn’t win the competition.

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