House 02 / za bor Architects

Architects: za bor architects / Arseniy Borisenko, Peter Zaitsev
Location: Moscow, Russia
Principal Use: Residence
Engineer: architects
Structure material:
Constructed Area: 270 sqm
Project year: 2005-2006
Photographs: Peter Zaitsev

The site is located not far from Moscow, on a steep hillside. The inclinated terrain has been minimally transformed – in fact, a building built-in to the hill.

The upper level is a separate white cube, cantilevering over a big span. Here you find the main entrance to this cube, and also a spacious living room with fireplace, a cabinet and a large terrace.

The lower level is designed for private zones, it is almost entirely going into the hill. Only one wall has a lot of glazing, looking to the meadows and the nearby river. The inevitable sunlight problem was solved with the help of an inclined clerestory.

Cite: "House 02 / za bor Architects" 04 Jun 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <>


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    Очень нравится цветовая гамма, дощатая терраса, объемная композиция. Газон еще больше дополняет приятное впечатление )

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    i think it’s not worth to be displayed among valuable pieces of architecture. sorry guys, but neither volumes, nor colours, nor functional scheme is impressive.

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    THis house is bulky and ugly. The roof deck looks empty and seems like it will never be used and the giant white box seems like it will fall off at any moment…perhaps for the better.

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    Well considering what kind of “structures” can be seen all over eastern block I could say that this is decent.
    Problem is that most of the people in Russia, Ukraine and other eastern countries define modern western house as cold and soulless. That’s why western criteria hardly can be promoted.
    I live in Serbia so I could say that most of the post-communist contries have this “problem”

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    Very impressive interiors designed by a talented interior designer. The functional layout of the house and its exterior form are poor.

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    Not anorexic like contemporary flush contrapuntal facades that are so gay and ubiquitous nowadays. Refreshing to see some shadow lines, kinda like when you’re slaving away in some sweatshop, drafting or modelling the design of your boss who’s an old coot, and he says, “We need more shadow lines on the facade!”.

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    Good house and actually it is very functional for a family, not too spaced out and not to boxed together, just enough play.
    The architects understand the daily living. The children’s room is the one I think could be done with something else. But otherwise, good job! Molodci :)

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    Главное, что проект вызывает обсуждение. А если и сказать нечего, то уж совсем все плохо.

    The main thing is – that house makes you something to say about itself.

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    It looks like an industrial building – cold, boring, expressless – defenetly not like a house to live!

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