LEGO Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

Just in time to commemorate the 50 years of the death of , LEGO released two of his master pieces on their architecture series: the Guggenheim Museum (who opened 50 years ago) and the Falling Water House.

These sets were designed with Adam Reed Tucker of Brickstructures, Inc, who also did the Landmark series for LEGO Architecture (Sears Tower, John Hancock Tower, Empire State, Seattle Space Needle).

You can order them at the online store for US$45 (+ shipping).

Seen at The Coolist (thanks Mike!)

Cite: Basulto, David. "LEGO Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright Collection" 21 May 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <>
  • Daniel Con

    falling water is cool but uhhh….is that supposed to resemble the Guggenheim??? I think that got it mixed up with the star wars set

  • Jeison

    I WANT IT11111

  • arch critic

    a waste of time and money.

  • jason

    i guess the small size limits the detail but it looks like Adam Reed Tucker really mailed this one in.

  • Balkan

    Falling water is GREAT, the other not much, but the IDEA is BRILLIANT!!!!!

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  • Jonjon

    Why is arch critic always negative, I think it’s nice and fun…

  • W.G

    i hope that LEGO decides to make other architects’ works too

  • Richie

    It’s a good idea, but the scale seems a bit small..

  • Kayser

    I don’t mind spending on these!
    Whimsically playful and yet cerebral.
    Wow, we can tweak Falling Water by adjusting bricks. :)

  • Bo Lucky

    Implanting ideals of the FLW organic architecture in young minds is not a waste of time and money. I would expect that the box contain not only Lego bricks and diagrams, but also some basic info on Wright himself. You never know which kid is going to follow his footsteps and early acquired knowledge and skills last forever. I am convinced that architecture of the future, if developed as per principles of his design school, will not hurt anybody. These sets can really do lots of good. Bravo Lego!

  • lafz

    That’s cool.. I love LEGO. I want one!
    the website says it’s $145 though.. pretty steep

  • Katsudon

    I need to have this… When i’ll be a millionaire

  • mister tom

    Scale too small i think and bloody expensive! I love the idea though, id never thought about it for lego really… =)

  • Ryan

    These rock!

    I dont see how they can charge that much though.

    Doesnt Gehry have a story about when he was traveling through Wisconsin and stopped at Taliesin. The flag was up, or there was a fire burning, which meant Wright was in the studio, so Gehry went in to meet him; but they wanted 1 or 2 dollars to get in, and Gehry felt it was absurd to charge that much, so he left…

  • Louis

    I really want it..
    that’s really cool idea..
    perhaps lego should make another model for santiago calatrava..
    i’ll definetly buy it..

  • Daan

    I think is a great idea, even some models are not “loyal” to the original one, it remains as a superb tribute, specially Waterfall House… besides it results as a amazing way to teach young minds about architecture and design…

    I would buy it! ^___^

  • Sam

    Lego is what really got me into buildings, architecture, design, etc, so I’m excited for these sets!

  • Billy

    I love it. I will buy the Falling Water one. Are they available at store or do I need to purchase it online?

  • William Sutton

    Mmm…can’t tell you whether I’m pumped or having flashbacks of childhood when father would inevitably step on the Lego while walking through the house at night (the scream would rouse the neighbors).

    Makes for great opp to educate the family on America’s greatest architecture.

    [shameless plug: architectural wood trim? thousand of]

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  • Archbuff

    I just bought both the Guggenheim and Fallinwater sets at They are so much fun and I didn’t mind spending the money because I know if goes to a good cause.

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