House in Chihuahua / PRODUCTORA

@ Iwan Baan

Project: Private house
Location: Chihuahua,
Architect: PRODUCTORACarlos Bedoya, Wonne Ickx, Victor Jaime, Abel Perles
Collaborators: Fernando Sánchez, Ross Adams, Jorge Cárdenas, Iván Villegas, Thorsten Englert
Area: 375m2
Year: 2008
Construction: Baraka
Structural engineering: José Ramón Castillo
Window Framing: Window Concept
Air conditioning: Corbik
Heating: Enrique Wide
Carpentry: Eduardo Morales
Kitchen Installation: Medel Rust
Garden Design: Rocio Amarante
Photography: Iwan Baan, for Abitare

@ Iwan Baan @ Iwan Baan @ Iwan Baan @ Iwan Baan

@ Iwan Baan

The House In Chihuahua is part of a golf club community in the desertlike northern region of Mexico. The dwelling was designed to accommodate the special climatic circumstances of the area: in winter temperatures can fall to minus ten degrees Celsius, while in summertime temperatures can rise to above forty degrees Celsius. The differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures can vary by as much as twenty degrees. To balance the extreme temperature differences, we partially buried the house into the mountain slope to take advantage of the soil’s thermal mass. The colder soil around the house absorbs heat accumulated during the day, and at night the ground gives off heat to the building.

@ Iwan Baan

The house is organized around a series of patios and roof openings that provide light, ventilation, and views to different areas of the house. The sloped roof acts as a new topography, which blurs the boundaries between the constructed area and the surrounding landscape.

@ Iwan Baan

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  • cocteau

    bold shaped, i like the terrace in the middle.

  • rick



    I like the terrace too, I think it would be nice for some grass to continue up though, not for the sake of a green roof, but because sitting on that white roof doesn’t look comfortable at all. Soften it up with some grass, and then it can blur the boundary between built and landscape even more. Might even help with the heat control.

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  • Bo Lucky

    The house makes impression… of a bomb shelter… climate condition can justify burying the house into a mountain slope… what justifies abandoning right angle? I have some doubts whether it really blends into the existing setting… may be in time…

  • francis

    Crouching roof Hidden house … from a confident office; as I do equally enjoy seeing their other works too. The drawings are great (especially the elevations) and the results even better. The pleasure of coming out onto each of those terraces must be breath-taking. They heightens your expectations, and is the antithesis of staring out of an expansively glazed penthouse. The roof is as much the house as are the rooms itself. Remains me of my youthful days of climbing onto roof tops … ahhhh, yesssss. Congrats to PRODUCTORA and the owners, lovely house.

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  • Gregorio

    And very nice photography.

  • elver


  • Amoxtli

    “Soy Chihuahuense, y me enorgullece ver por primer vez una obra como esta en archdaily, fuente inagotable de inspiración.”

  • Ulises

    Congratulations to Iwan Baan for these beautiful pictures, and to Productora for an excellent construction quality.

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  • me

    first impression: uncomfortable
    now: like it very much

  • aa4

    wow! I just want to climb all over it and what a view!.. yes, the futuristic first impression may be a bit weird at first but the use of the thermal mass and its attempt to be part of the landscape is admirable.

  • spuciellamento

    i think this is the first really interesting project i have seen up to now published on this website

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  • Mary

    amazing house one thing puzzles me though… why is the house oriented to the east? wouldnt it absorb more heat energy this way? or is it because of the view?

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