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3x9 House / a21 studio

  • 01:00 - 6 April, 2012
3x9 House / a21 studio
3x9 House / a21 studio, © Hiroyuki Oki
© Hiroyuki Oki

© Hiroyuki Oki © Hiroyuki Oki © Hiroyuki Oki © Hiroyuki Oki +18

  • Architects

  • Location

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Architects

    a21 studio - Hiệp Hòa Nguyễn, Nhơn Quí Nguyễn
  • Area

    27.0 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs


© Hiroyuki Oki
© Hiroyuki Oki

Even in Ho Chi Minh, a chaotic and highly density city, a 3 m wide and 9 m deep plot in a narrow street is still considered as a thorny problem for renovating an old house to a more comfortable and functional space. The house is designed for a middle age woman and her friend, who are inspired by music and beauty of nature.

© Hiroyuki Oki
© Hiroyuki Oki

The modesty and cleanliness are the first impressions of the house look. Horizontal louvers embellished with some flowers give distinction but not strange to its exterior in compare with neighbours. The ground floor seems to be larger and tidier because of the combination of living room, dinner, and kitchen without any partitions to define the spaces. The familiar materials such as bricks and steels are used flexibly to add raw feeling to these man-made spaces.


Moreover, nature is delivered into the house by the introduction of a tree right at the entrance. This tree, as a living body, not only softens rough sides of the design but also connect the ground space to the upper space. The second floor with the same language is the space where bedroom and toilet are located, emphasize the rich of daylight due to its openness to the sky.

© Hiroyuki Oki
© Hiroyuki Oki

The connection between bedroom and toilet is collection of sparse wooden pieces, which cause flows of light, wind, rain and even human intentions among the house. This is also the place where the tree meets its need for sunlight. Thus, it can be said that nature is skilfully to any corners of the house by creating “connecting space” which bridges and adjusts the difference domains and places, from outside to the ground floor and the second floor before being back to outside through the roof opening up to the sky.

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Tr?n nh?a PVC, Tr?n phào nh?a · December 09, 2012

Woah this blog is great i really like studying your articles. Stay up the great work! You understand, a lot of people are searching round for this information, you could aid them greatly.

tuan anh · August 25, 2012

theo mình,c?c ?oan h?n,wc nên gi?i quy?t thông thoáng trên mái,b? c?a s? và hàng lam g? phía tr??c.M?t ti?n ch? là m?ng t??ng s?n tr?ng.

nguoi em khong ten · August 21, 2012

very nice place! wish that I can meet the architect and the mistress just one time! They made this beautiful place!

tuan anh · August 13, 2012

công trình nh? và ??p.Ki?n trúc s? gi?i quy?t r?t thông minh ?? thiên nhiên tràn ng?p kh?p không gian.Ý t??ng r?t hay!

ACINTAarq · May 09, 2012


Nicola Cox · May 04, 2012

3×9 House / a21 studio |Ho Chin Minh ArchDaily via @archdaily

Teddy · April 20, 2012

For such a small house, the idea for the stairs was very important and the architects did this job very well. I don’t find them fixed and occupying the space inside. I love the brightness and warm color of this house, too. Having a cup of tea in the living room must be very nice!

Vu Duy Khanh · February 26, 2016 04:53 AM

I'm agree with you. The idea for the stairs is very important. And the lights of the house

A_ZI ZOU · April 19, 2012

i will "dancing" some detaill hehe, but can you show some dtail of roof ?, it can open for wind and close when very hot ?

OKA · April 14, 2012


JenWoo · April 12, 2012

Quaint, but beautiful 3x9 Vietnamese townhouse.

Remixes For Addicts · April 12, 2012

Lovely little townhouse on a plot that&#39s all of 10ft wide by 30ft deep..! - - very sweet :0)

Susie · April 12, 2012

Lovely little townhouse on a plot that&#39s all of 10ft wide by 30ft deep..! - - very sweet :0)

vo trong nghia · April 12, 2012

C? t?p trung làm công trình t?t,m?i ng??i s? nhìn th?y ?i?u ?ó. N?u có ?i?u gì ?ó ch?a t?t, ch?c ch?n v?n còn ?i?u gì ?ó t?t ?? h?c trong t?ng công trình, n?u chúng ta quá phán xét, chúng ta s? m?t ?i c? h?i h?c h?i t? nh?ng công trình, nh?ng c?ng s?.

Susan E. Matthews · April 12, 2012

This home is smaller than most trailers — but still manages to feel spacious #greenliving

Centurión Bertorello · April 11, 2012

3×9 House / a21 studio via @archdaily

Medusa Properties · April 11, 2012

Sleek townhouse in Ho Chi Minh. Love the minimalistic style and clean lines and angles.

Laurens van kempen · April 10, 2012

Making the most of minimum space: 3×9 House / a21 studio

Tienie van Rooyen · April 10, 2012

Beautiful... even though its in the heart of an urban environment it doesn't feel that way when you look through the images.
Well done!!!

Ken Nguyen · April 10, 2012

We have a saying in VietNamese for the guy "Dam ha Khanh " :?ã ngu còn c? t? ra nguy hi?m :))

duongviet · April 10, 2012 10:58 AM

Or: " da sida ma con xong pha hien mau".

vo trong nghia · April 10, 2012

Công trình r?t ?áng yêu và ??p. Trong quá trình hành ngh? ch?c ch?n các b?n a21 s? làm m?i ngày m?t t?t h?n. Mình tin và hy v?ng nh? v?y

Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong · April 09, 2012

Nice house. Bright and very clean. Although it's a little small, it's alsolutely one of a kind.

Dam ha Khanh · April 09, 2012

k?t c?u thép ?ng và g? v?i khí h?u VN s? phát sinh nh?ng v?n ?? nh? nhanh chóng b? r? s?t, g? b?c màu và bi?n d?ng. N?u dùng v?t li?u là thép không r? và g? t? nhiên lo?i t?t ch?ng dc n??c s? ??y giá thành lên cao h?n so v?i v?t li?u thông th??ng và không còn ?úng ý ngh?a c?a ki?n trúc b?n v?ng , không bi?t các b?n ? sutyo A21 gi?i quy?t v?n ?? này th?c s? ntn?

KTS HCM · June 29, 2013 12:42 PM

v? hàng ch? mà vào ?ây bình lo?n à . H?c h?i thêm ?i...

KTS HCM · June 29, 2013 12:39 PM

v? hàng ch? mà vào ?ây bình lo?n à

Long · April 12, 2012 10:24 AM

Dam ha Khanh, làm ?n im ?i cho anh em nh?, nhá!

Duongviet · April 10, 2012 04:54 AM

kien truc ben vung tuc la gia thanh re a?do ham.

dudaiNguyen · April 10, 2012 04:51 AM

Ban nay chac la sinh vien?

Ron · April 08, 2012

3×9 House / a21 studio

kientrucnhangoi · April 07, 2012

??p! love it

Ryan Hollingshead · April 07, 2012

3×9 House / a21 studio

Thanh Hung · April 07, 2012

Congratulate my friend! cute house. I love burned brick wall.

Ver Estotsenberg · April 07, 2012

3×9 House / a21 studio

syarifa hasan · April 07, 2012

love it

Antje Pasinga · April 07, 2012


gomezoscar · April 07, 2012

3×9 House / a21 studio !27 metros cuadrados! ¡27! Divino.

Gözen Kcnr · April 06, 2012

3×9 House / a21 studio #architecture

Neoscape · April 06, 2012

RT @archdaily: 3×9 House / a21 studio #architecture

Arq. Gerardo Ayala · April 06, 2012

3×9 House / a21 studio #architecture

Lao Y · April 06, 2012

RT @ArchDaily: 3×9 House / a21 studio #architecture

Erica · April 06, 2012

3×9 House / a21 studio | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Gosia Kung · April 06, 2012

The beauty of cozy...

mujerenelaire · April 06, 2012

3×9 House / a21 studio #architecture

Paul J Schaefer · April 06, 2012

Fantastic, small scale urban house. RT @EHomes_Merida: 3×9 House / a21 studio #architecture

Novarchitectura Blog · April 06, 2012

Interessanti #news da @archdaily 3×9 House / a21 studio #architecture

Chucengu · April 06, 2012

happinest for client.

Francisco Almeida · April 06, 2012


Ago · April 06, 2012

zen and clean.amazing a21studio


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© Hiroyuki Oki

3x9 住宅 / a21 studio