Footwear by Zaha Hadid and Lacoste

Zaha Hadid Architects and french company Lacoste collaborated to design this exclusive footwear. Limited to 850 pairs, the boots will be released next July in three exclusive stores from Paris, London and Milan.

“Featuring a digitized version of ’s famous croc logo and a pliable, coiled strap system, the styles bring Hadid’s signature look to footwear for men (an ankle boot) and women (a calf boot).”

One more image after the break.

Cite: P, Amber. "Footwear by Zaha Hadid and Lacoste" 17 May 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
  • waxman

    I’m usually cynical about architects’ ‘extra-curricular activities’ – but that show at the top is great. Well done Zaha

  • Lucas Gray

    For men? I would never wear anything that ugly. Kind of an interesting idea though.

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  • melloncollie128

    Ugh, this is terrible. Architects are not designers. Especially no fashion designers.

    • George

      Do you realize how immature and ignorant your comment sounds? More than likely you’re just jealous. There’s no way you could say P. Starck is anything less than a designer whether it be of buildings, shoes, lamps or furniture! Talent is talent! Genius is genius!

  • Johann

    I think one of the lines I can choose in my Architect school is “Architectural DESIGN”…and then there’s a “Product DESIGN” line also…how can you say that Architects are not designers? I’ve been writing music since I was 13, will I not be taken serious in that area if I finish my studies???

    Would like to see pictures in “context” (to keep this discussion architectural!). The concept of a high boot that still enables you to see the woman’s leg I think could be a bit sexy!

  • melloncollie128

    @ Johann
    As in Industrial Designers/ Fashion Designers. I’m so tired of architects trying desperately to enter the world of high design and art. Of course everyone here probably thinks architects are designers and artists, so what I’m saying will fall on deaf ears.

    Also, aesthetically, these things are pretty bad. The colors are bland and over-used, why is there a ripple effect on the material, it’s trying too hard to look organic.


    Saying that Architects are not designers is the most backwards thing I’ve ever heard. Did you even read that after you typed it? First of all, they are designers, and second of all, the only reason to be skeptical of their non-building designs is because you wish you could be that successful that people would ask you to design things outside of buildings. I’m not a big fan of Zaha, but I won’t knock her for trying another field on for size.

  • pzzz

    U can’t say architects r not designers…they r!!!…That is exactly waht they do ….they design…whether it’s a building ,a cup,…..a dress or a shoe…. :) ,…the concept is the same….but I do agree this is terrible,…it looks like some kind of cheap plastic shoe from star trek,…..i feel sorry 4 Lacoste…..

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    Manky! Yet another poor ‘limited edition’ effort from Lacoste…

  • melissa

    many architects build incredible objects!
    classically an architect approached designing everything down to the light fixtures and door knobs. its a utilitarian & visual/creative field so it makes PERFECT sense.
    i for one, dont like hadid’s buildings so its no surprise i dont like her shoe, but as with any artist it is an exploration of making the world from a set of questions/ideals. a pair of shoes she makes with her perspective driving is as valid as her buildings.
    personal style has got nothing to do with someones qualifications to be doing something.
    if youre a product designer who is pissed she did this, then yes, get over your insecurities. they only bring out how small you are. architects are designers.

  • alex

    that must be a typo.
    the collab is with Crocs the company, not the LaCoste pattern.

  • carlo

    sono contento che zaha hadid si dedichia disegnare scarpe, però le voglio dare un consiglio è meglio che si dedichi solo a questo e lasci da parte l’architettura almeno fino a quando non si schiarirà le idee!

  • Terry Glenn Phipps

    As it happens I agree with Carlo. As an architect there seems to be nothing in Zaha Hadid’s oeuvre that makes any spatial sense to me. However, it has long appeared to me that she has particular talent with objects of a certain scale. One piece of hers that I have always loved is the massive l.e.d. spiral -chandelier- that she made for Zumtobel Staff. These booties seem to be the spiritual kissing cousins of that very successful design.

    There is, also, a sort of Roman sandal and ankle snake mash up going on here that is witty and successful. On the scale of a building her work never fails to look pretentious and ridiculous to my eye. For that which you can hold in your hand, hang over your dining table, or put on your foot she has a huge gift.

    Terry Glenn Phipps

  • Jonjon

    Architects are designers and if you have the EYE for design you can design anything…..even shoes! Not to say I like them because I don’t, but as a designer with intent I hope we can all agree to hate these shoes! Enjoy your day x

  • Jonjon

    Ps… melloncollie128 does not know ANYTHING!!!

  • andreas


    well this will probably fall for deaf ears as well but tell me. please. do you really think that architects aim to do industrial design / fashion design?
    “high design” as you call it. you crack me up. i think most of us architects choose to be architects, not industrial designers etc.

    then, not to mention any names but you do know that some of the worlds most well known designers now and back in the days where architects, right?

    ah, and one last thing. when you start to complain about the shoe. i’m pretty sure saha isn’t the one doing all the work… lacoste, or who’s shoe it now is, probably know kinda what they are doing. just guessing, but you are the expert. tell me.

    ugly shoe btw

  • tom

    so thats why i never liked lacoste

  • gigi

    so thats why i never liked zaha

  • Wade

    I don’t think we should use this one poor looking shoe design to lump all architect’s into the category of “bad designers.”

  • Christian

    In regards to the side argument, architects are designers, but that does not mean that they are talented enough to be able to design everything (in some cases they aren’t even appropriately talented enough to design within their given field).

    As for the shoe, yet again typical Zaha. All about the name and hype, and nothing about practical design or taste. In my opinion the shoes are hideous and it seems as if the collaborating company knows it as well. They have probably figured out that the only way they will be able to make any money off of it is by making it appear highly exclusive (only 850 to be produced), and then counting on the Zaha-philes and the gotta-haves to buy them up. If the design were any better, one could be reasonably sure that the shoe company would be trying to capitalize further on the design, versus trying to break even off of the starchitect’s name.

    Criticize Zaha and the hideous design that she has created, not an entire profession that has been around for millennia, and has been title to individuals who have brought forth great works and discoveries spanning all creative fields.

  • arc127

    oh God.. the crises effect!!

  • walter faulk

    Zaha should model her own design….sexy

  • theDude

    Imagine a condom designed by Zaha?!!!

  • dustin

    Yes, Architects can design things other than buildings. No, Zaha can not design a good pair of shoes.

  • Randiesel

    Imagine a condom designed by Gehry!

  • theDude

    Somewhat painful, a definite “for her pleasure “only…

  • akshay

    the modern age requires, or maybe has come to be synonymous with “multi -tasking”, “multi -roled”, designers.

    fashion designers dabble in interiors, sum in architecture and the same holds true for architects, dabbling into other fields.

    wether a gud thing or a bad thing, we are seeing that in different segments of the world today. “malls” that sell anything from a hairpin to automobiles… a wider range of products means a greater turnover…
    so this jump in scale is not limited to architects only.. its in all professions.

  • Rafael

    melloncollie128 is just bitter that he’s wasted five years on studies just to be able to draw a chair, while an architect has the range from Olympic stadiums to knitted socks…

  • Lasse

    All comments about “architects are not designers” are bullcrap……
    Design and architecture is SO related and have spawned MANY top designs, also in shoes i.e. Rem Koolhas’ United Nude (not THE Rem Koolhas but THE Rem Koolhas’ nephew).

    The reason to recent this is that Lacoste could’nt care less about architecture. They go to the architecture stars because they are stars and thier names sell.

    I hope mrs. Hadid made a lot of money selling her soul and designing this uninspired and completely obvious boot that will NEVER be worn by a cool person, EVER…