Bamboo Wing / Vo Trong Nghia

© Hiroyuki Oki

Architects: Vo Trong Nghia
Location: Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, province, Vietnam
Completion Year: 2010
Construction Area: 1,600 sqm
Photo credit (construction): Vo TrongNghia Co., Ltd.
Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki

© Hiroyuki Oki

Inspired by nature, “Bamboo wing” takes the form of bird wings and floats over the natural landscape of the site situated near Hanoi, Vietnam. The aim of the project was to study bamboo and the potential space it can create by using bamboo not only as a finishing material but as a structural one. This building is a pure bamboo structure, using no steel or other man-made structural materials.

© Hiroyuki Oki

This unique structure, flying over the sky as bird wings, allows us to experience a 12 meter open space without any vertical columns.The open space can be used for many purposes such as wedding parties, live music concerts, ceremonies etc. This is an achievement not only in terms of structures in bamboo but it also creates a new trend for new ecological materials- which easily available in Vietnam.


The shape of the roof as bird wings is good for capturing the wind inside the building. This contributes to the ecology aspect by minimizing the use of air conditioner. With its deep eaves and the water in the open spaces, people feel as if they are living in the nature.

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    Future Pritzker? Or I would like to think that this is too good for Pritzker.

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      Are you kidding me? :)

      This building can make the new definition for restaurant or what? No, thanks.

      The new kind of ventilation? I’m not sure.
      The new kind of structure? No
      The new habits for people who come this area? No, for sure.

      I think it’s just the beautyful roof

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        Do you think what means Architecture? Or are you engineer?

        To define a new trend of architecture locale, he worths this price

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    Why you can make big structure by bamboo! Who can tell me? How to contact mr. Nghia.

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    I have seen many bamboo structure on Magazine, but this one reall unique, with big cantileve. It makes space connect all to nature

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    Absolutely, it’s not easy to persuade and conquer the world who moving quiet far from our vision to show us a beautiful product. I think there will be many people to be hypnotized by this structure (and many others of Vo Trong Nghia) if they can see it/them in real. a talented guy!

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    Theo mình Pritzker còn quá xa và cũng không nên nói đến ở đây. VTN muốn làm được điều đó chắc phải cố gắng thêm 20 30 năm nữa. Và cũng có thể không bao giờ được. Nhưng dù sao mình thích công trình VTN cả tre và không tre. Cách VTN làm công trình làm mình thấy phục, mình cảm nhận thấy cái gì đó rất khác, không rõ cái gì

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