More Postcards from the Architect

I know It’s only been 2 weeks since my Architectural world tour, but, I was still emptying my suitcases this morning. Sorry, I got caught up in the pressure at the office and just had not gotten around to unpacking. Mainly, because I’m awesome. And,wouldn’t you know it?, right in the bottom of the suitcase, were 6 more postcards that I totally forgot to mail. No wonder Herzog was so pissed at me…

Anyway, I’ve scanned them here for you to enjoy… (here’s the one’s I did mail, in case you missed those - HERE )

More Postcards from Coffee with an Architect after the break:






I may need another vacation { Coffee with an Architect }


the photos used in these graphics are from Flickr and have been used under creative commons license.

Mount Rushmore photo - HERE

Disney Photo - HERE

Grand Canyon Photo - HERE

Taj Mahal Photo - HERE

Pantheon Photo - HERE

Parthenon Photo - HERE


Cite: Brown, Jody. "More Postcards from the Architect" 20 Mar 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
  • jeb

    many of the deceased architects’ families have requested that you cease with sending them f**king annoying postcards.

    • kyle

      if its so annoying for you then DONT READ IT!!

      love it btw… hilarious how architects cant laugh at themselves!! or others for that matter!! HAHA

      • jeb

        hey, i’m just speaking on the addressees behalf. don’t shoot the messenger.

      • veritech pilot

        usually if you expect architects to “laugh at themselves”, something funny would likely be needed to instigate said laughter. this article, and pretty much the entirety of this series, is sorely lacking in anything of the sort.

  • Ahsan

    Sadly, these are not funny or even interesting.
    Too Corny.