Warming Huts v.2012 Proposal / Mjölk Architects

© Tomas Tesar

Mjölk Architects shared with us their winning entry, titled ‘Polar Hen’, to an international arts and architecture competition in , MB, . Their design consists of a pump with a sprinkler connected to a compressor and a generator creating a very fearsome creature which lays ‘ice eggs’. The Warming Huts v.2012 was an open competition endorsed by the Manitoba Association of Architects. More images and brief architects’ description after the break.

© Tomas Tesar

Instead of creating a single warming hut for skaters along the Assinibione River Trail, we designed a structure settles down on the ice, perforates it and begins to pump up the icy river water to spray it over an air-filled silicone inflatable, where it instantly freezes. When the ice coat thickens enough, the inflatable is emptied and removed from the inside of the ice igloo. Polar Hen is now ready to move on and create more igloos!

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    …it looks like the ball of ice that Sakka and Suki found Aang in…