Carvallal – Dufey house / Mas y Fernández Arquitectos

Architects: Mas y Fernández arquitectos / Cristóbal Fernández, Andrés Mas
Location: El Refugio, Loteo 5, Camino interior carretera San Martin,
Associate Architect: Clarisa Elton
Contractor: Constructora Fernández Lira
Structural Engineer: Patricio Stagno
Landscape: Verónica Álamos, Sofía Álamos, Isabel Caroca
Constructed Area: 368.18 sqm
Photographs: Alvaro Benitez

In this project the client has a significant role by giving fundamental premises for the project. We attempted to generate non-orthogonal spaces, playing with different levels and organizing the enclosures from two interior patios that introduce natural light and vegetation to the house interior, and a family living room located in the center of the house, articulating the situations.

Moreover, the beamed skin is based in a green support that interacts with the environment by becoming part of itself and providing shade to the outer spaces. The nobility of its materials (concrete, stone slate, wood and metal), merely helps to such intention.

Cite: "Carvallal – Dufey house / Mas y Fernández Arquitectos" 07 May 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <>
  • viniruski

    Nice materials and colours. Plans are schitzed out though. I don’t really see a relationship to the external form.

  • Dustin

    I agree not much relationship between floorplans and reality. And what in the world are those sketches? is that sketchup?? please… we dont want to see them.

  • Poncio

    jesus! 8 sketches! forgive them father…they don´t know what they are doing. amen

  • Fino

    Juxtaposition gone wrong. I see maybe three different pieces of architecture trying its best to illude to being a singular piece. It’s not happening. I’m not feeling this one.

    that is all.

  • andrea

    creo que los coquis no dicen nada en relacion a la volumetria y espacialidad que se esta buscando. Me gustaron los materiales, no asi los volumenes, que me parecen un tanto desproporcionados. Creo que me apetece mas el interior que su exterior.

  • bolongo

    the interesting thing is indeed, that it looks almost like a box on the photos, but if you look at the floorplans there seems to be much more dramatic stepping and intersecting going on. i guess you can’t judge architecture from photos after all, guys. ;)

  • miguel

    Faltó conjugar las tres coordenadas del espacio (x+y+z) para plantear alguna opción conceptual arquitectónica coherente.
    Aquí parece que las plantas fueron dibujadas por Zaha o Libeskind, y las elevaciones por Ellwood o Murdock… extraña combinación.

  • ashok

    unable to relate with photos…Plans promise so much…

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