Crane Rooms / Aristide Antonas

Simple concrete foundations and elementary water pools are proposed by Aristide Antonas in collaboration with Katerina Koutsogianni, to be installed in non hospitable beaches or arid hills nearby the sea.

The room units form independent cells, they can be covered by tissues during the day; they provide a quality connection to the Internet. The private or public character of each room is regulated by the chosen high of every unit. The high control system is located inside every room. Platforms go up and down following the will of every provisional inhabitant. A bigger screen, related to the bed, serves as a home cinema structure; a small office, a wardrobe and a shower are placed in the same moving platform. A common underground kitchen serves the needs of all the complex; a reverse osmosis desalination plant provides drinkable water to the invisible kitchen and to the units (the water pipes follow the length of the crane).

An identical design for “crane rooms” can be undertaken within a system of moving vehicles in order to form a dispersed, moving “crane room hotel”. Rooms moving up and down provide summer shelters with changing views.

Cite: Baraona Pohl, Ethel. "Crane Rooms / Aristide Antonas" 05 May 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
  • Daniel Con

    1) if it inhospitable then why would you want to live there?
    2) if the housing is meant to be transportable, why dig the “invisible kitchens” into the terrain

    conceptual architecture is cool, but seriously, WTF is this???

  • roadkill

    funny… an ‘architect’ with a sense of humour…
    if this is the best Greece has to offer, god help us – it’s a laugh a minute

  • Ed

    I am looking for innovative ways to build a hotel, and this is definitely attractive. How much would it cost?

  • Aaron

    yeah, no “real” architectural office would dare waste time dreaming of something like this…who do these guys think they are anyway. if they keep up this kind of creative design no-one will take them seriously.

    really, how do they plan to get on the cover of record?!?

  • Daniel Con

    hahaha i love the fact that they thought it necessary to have that much clothing storage, but no door or partition for the toilet. I’m all for out of this world experimental architecture, as long as it is good architecture!! such a waste of imagination

  • Bo Lucky

    Don’t you see people that they elevate architecture to a brand new level :)


    they don’t…these are type of commentators that didn’t read about Venturi, Rural studio, Diller + Scofido, Bolles+wilson…and I love Aaron’s sarcasm–spot on

  • trent


  • K

    I agree, Aaron’s sarcasm was spot on but probably went right over the heads of the contributors (I use this loosely) that could learn from it the most. I think Arch Digest may be more their speed.

  • Antreas

    i think is a very good idea that changing views theme. it would be very interesting to change your view depenting the time hour or the place you are. it would have been a great hotel.

  • roadkill

    hey Aaron… not everyone wants to be a starchitect… take your head off those clouds or from inside your a… some people prefer to good design to some bull idea! Reminds me of Borat joke about using the hotel lift as a room…. very nice…
    just make sure you have lots of cherry trees around and then we’re into a winer

  • K

    hey roadkill I think you should stick to teaching grammar and mixed metaphors…

  • roadkill

    … then again, seems like it could catch on:

  • roadkill

    wow k… you must be so special…. maybe even special k.
    what does the k stand for? kunt or knickers?

  • Daniel Con

    I understand the sarcasm but I dont understand the value of this project. Is the project sarcasm itself?? I think a mobile hotel on the back of a telescoping truck is pretty cool, so why stick it in an inhospitable place? why put the”invisible” kitchen in a bunker in the mountain?
    What makes Venturi, Diller+ Scofidio, Rural studio so cool is that they are proposing something new, radical, and SMART. They are inventors of quality ideas….. They didnt just pull something out of their a__ and say hey! look at me! I’m inventive! I challenge the status quo! If you are going to go that road, then you better have a quality idea, with a very strong thesis to back it up.

  • K

    hey roadkill, time to let your daddy have his computer back. don’t you have a little league game tonight you should rest up for?

    As for the project and point of this thread. I agree with Daniel Con’s first comment that it does seem odd to choose a site by the sea that is “inhospitable.” I would prefer to bring a tent and camp out rather than being isolated in a glass cube with no more connection to the surrounding environment than you get sitting on your couch watching tv.

  • roadkill

    so k stands for kunt then…. my money was on that one!

    i am tiered of projects based on novelty with nothing substantial to show for it – just look at that plan drawn on the back of a beermat. it’s the old trick of using bright colours or sparkly lights and movable bits… obviously the children’s favourite attention grabber [at least for a few seconds] this project is conceptually bankrupt and distracts from real architecture. obviously it is a good talking point for all those who think sarcasm is the highest form of wit… dumbass

  • roadkill

    hey Aristide, post your other gems like the ‘bus hotel’ and toilet funride… for the people on the move!

  • Comitant

    Maybe someday the Simpsons will rent one of these ‘avant garde’ vacations homes. Eternally wooing, Homer Simpson, as he refills Marge’s glass, knocks over a candlle lights her hair on fire. The unit starts to burn, Marge jumps running for the beach, lighting all other units along the way.

    Long story short, Marge is temporarily bald, and Homer vows vengeance on Designers. He kidnaps the duo and forces them to build an to Marge’s dressing room. After 2 summers, a tattoo, and many cases of light beer, the designers have finished something looking like a terrifying chicken (K)oop humping a diamond airplane wing. This lands them in Record. They finally can start a Real Practice.

    To be continued…

  • Pattercb

    If you’ve ever been to the top of a cherry picker, you can guess how much fun you’d be having in these rooms in the slightest bit of wind!

  • kc

    something about this project is REALLY wrong. that’s someplace that you would put your mother-in-law.

  • jaqui

    it is ugly!!!

  • johanirae

    LOL I do hope the architect meant to use this to give us a good laugh.


    1)If it is inhospitable, can you actually find a good road that reaches your beach, and when you do reach there, can you find a stable ground to park your crane house?

    2) How stable is that house? (look really wobbly to me)

  • luis

    I think it is closely related to those American “houses on wheels” This projects takes a step further, it resembles many popular and childish ideas about what a house can be: like a house on a tree, it’s small, performative, also nomad and completly open to everchanging landscapes.
    Also it takes an intelligent use of an industrial object to achive all those conditions.
    It’s a beautiful and brilliant idea.

  • farmtastic

    Beyond the arbitrary ideas of living on uninhabitable land with an underground kitchen, the main concept isn’t entirely lame, but it still needs to actually be designed. If you are going to have a cherry picker RV (kind of a cool idea, IMO) then you need to design the whole RV, from the hydraulics, to the support and stabilization systems and how all that transforms and gets put back together in a smooth and aesthetically pleasing way. And why can’t you have a kitchen in it, those giant ugly RV’s do. Make it interesting and modern and energy efficient and cool. Staying at an wooded RV lot wouldn’t be so bad if your RV turned into a tree house. Plus you’d get the elevated view aspect at more scenic locations.

    This really looks like just an idea on a napkin, not a well thought out project. It’s a start. Run with it see if you can make something smart out of it.

  • damon

    k, i love this one, (i didnt manage to read all the comments), but i love this one and i think it doesn’t mean to be implemented. Like a stage design in sci-fi movie, i love it! both the way of presentation (rendering + sketchy drawings)+ the concept. Hav t say, it is exactly paper architects. However, ‘The purpose of thinking about the future is not to predict it but to raise people’s hopes’

  • gx

    please border the imagination and the reality.

  • francis

    Credulous doofus … but Comitant, pls pls pls continue!!

  • flip

    k, road kill, get a room

  • o

    there is nothing wrong in paper architecture. And also its only problem is not its bad design (we all have drawn bad at times and doodled in our free-time). The problem -and a question that sets a wider concern about our age- is: where does their urgent need to publish it come from?